Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another music

   After some time of lack of music here, few new bites^^
I never know what to do with Gavy NJ. Some songs I love and still play, and some are simply mediocre. Anyway, nice voice and some really nice projects. 
I found also one jazz single, for those who like jazz (I have always on my mind Sugar from Some Like It Hot saying on the beach: "Yeah, jaaazzz", every time I hear this word). And I promised to keep an eye on any release by Bubble Sisters. And here we have.

Why history is a b*tch

An interesting article (albeit a bit on the US ground):

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Japanese or Korean?

    Some people think, when they are able to understand 5 words in a drama/movie/song, that they probably should share their wisdom with everyone else. Either that "everyone else" wants it or not. And they base their opinion on "what I think". Sorry to disappoint you but "what I think" methodology is wrong. Of course, in scientific research this approach is very appropriate under one condition - one needs to have the background for it. And background is not "cause I think so". The background is - getting familiar with the whole methodology. I hated this word during my MA studies, but now, when facing PhD, I feel like I'm in a deep hole because I lack the methodology. Fear not, I'm finding it slowly (some hawt guys don't make it any easier, but whatever). But to develop one's own approach, finding out more about the background - this is what's most important. You can't write a thesis about the dark matter (astron.) basing on your own thoughts. You need to read the results of someone else's research. Every great idea in the world comes exactly from this point. One is either against it (and proposes one's own interpretation of the matter), or agrees on it (and proposes the developped and deepened version of it).
This is why I'm annoyed, and probably not only me, of those who claim to know everything on some topic, basing on their own limited knowledge. You don't need to read all books in your library, that's not the point, but do some research on the matter that interests you the most.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Entertainment in you

A treat for band members in US?

   There was this song by Depeche Mode , and I feel exactly like it. Because some men turn me into damn sinner.
Well, some gender-confused as well. Because I sin against my own gender for not looking as pretty as them. Plus, cursing also counts.
Yes, I did some cuts from Entertainment Weekly last episode.
Yucheon sweety, Ha Jung Woo, and Ga... I mean The Diva. Yes, you read that right. Because the rankings in EW is just becoming weirder by the day. This time topic: Kkotboda Namja. That is... hell, I think everyone knows what's coming. And everyone can guess the winner.


I was about to write some meaningful and moving post, but Ori guttered me out with those below.
Well, thank you, chingu. Thank you very much.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Musical Awards nominees

The Musical Awards, Korea’s version of the Tonys, enters its fifth year in the first week of June and is hoping that two major changes to this year’s ceremony will bring it greater prestige.

Twenty-six musicals will vie for awards in 21 categories this year, including best creative musical, best small theater creative musical, best foreign licensed musical and best revival, as well as awards for best director, actress and actor.

Awards are given to musicals performed from May 1, 2010, to April 30, 2011, in theaters with a capacity of 400 or more. There are also various technical awards for best lighting and sound, best stage setting and best costumes.

47th Baeksang Awards

47th Baeksang Awards 2011
Yucheon got 2, and Ha Jungwoo got 1. I'm heppey, yess...
Oh, and just to bitch over the "Best Drama" category. Personally I couldn't finish, and probably never will Secret Garden. 2010 had few better drama than this, and I seriously don't understand the hype. It wasn't bad drama, no, but you see, I'm on 36th episode of Gisaeng... and waiting impatiently for another episode, and it took me a month to move from episode 10 to 12 in SG. Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child was by far better than this, Life Is Beautiful was better, hell, SKKS was better. Just don't get it.
Now you can throw rocks.

My poor heart

 Oh Gods, one year...
Withdrawal syndrom is terrible. Kids, don't do that at home.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Several Things That Make Us...

   A new drama from the famous writer No Sense and highly acclaimed director Ai Screwyoo! Unbelievable! Unpredictable! Moves you to ... ee... pharmacy for another anti-puking drug.
A friend of mine once said that sometimes I post a half of dozen posts here (hey, my lof, I know you are reading this!). Sometimes I don't post at all. I don't post only in two times in my life - extremely drunk ( I call it Star Trek times) and depression times (I call it Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas times). The former is the cure for the latter.
Anyway, real life drama.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ripley teaser

   I just melted down while watching the interview yesterday. Partly this boy's fault, but partly Kim Seungwu's fault as well. I like how he takes care of Yucheon, kind of reminds me Kim Gabsu in it.
This will be a long summer...

Summer Drama

   I may say that, right? Summer... eh, summer...
Some may think I have tons of free time to spare, because I'm rewatching few drama. Well, it's not like that, but when I feel like the current ones are in the shortage (I dropped few already, and 49 Days ended, Midas ended), what is left?
Then, what's on my list? The list  in the sidebar is updated, but it's incomplete. The thing is, I'm expecting also dramas that look like a total crap, I won't put them on the list, but I wait for them nonetheless.
Don't have to repeat myself about Ripley, right? In Korean media it is still Miss Ripley though.
Although the drama looks like a typical one in the genre, I DON'T CARE (in CapsLock, see how much I don't care?). Yucheon said about his character that Yutaka will start with a grin, but end up broken. That's all I need.
I have some fetish on tormented guys...

Monday, May 23, 2011


Fangiiiiirl tiiiime!!
Video from Ripley press conference. Yes, by Feel Good Day. This show featured JYJ as well, so we have the example that when a more open attitude is applied, everything's possible.


   JYJ have once more been swept up in an external pressure controversy. On the 17th, the press conference for MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’, the drama in which Park Yoochun plays a leading role, was held yet reporters from MBC’s entertainment news program ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ were not seen, sparking alight the pre-existing rumor that SM Entertainment, JYJ’s former agency, is applying external pressure on the MBC variety program sector. This rumor had already escalated when it was found that Park Yoochun was scheduled to appear on MBC’s ‘Come to Play’ and KBS’ ‘On a Roll’, only to have his appearances cancelled.
In a phone conversation with 10Asia, a representative of ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ stated, “We have a system and criteria set for such news coverage. If there are better items to cover, we do not have to send reporters to a location for the sole reason that the drama is one being aired by our broadcasting company. Recently, we aired a segment focusing on Lee Da Hae of ‘Miss Ripley’, so we decided to exclude the press conference from the list as it overlapped.
However, ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ has attended the press conferences of all MBC miniseries with the exception of ‘Matched Pair’. But ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ focused heavily on ‘Matched Pair’ after the press conference by visiting the filming location of the drama frequently and holding a separate interview with the child actors. The lack of coverage of ‘Miss Ripley’ by MBC has left the production company of the drama with many questions left unanswered.
The production company of ‘Miss Ripley’ stated, “We had no problem adding Park Yoochun to the cast of the drama. We, too, are curious as to why Park Yoochun can’t appear on variety programs.

Wait for it... wait for it...

Not happening! Not a freaking chance. I don't see it, and I put my glasses already.

JYJ agency requests an apology from KBS for their statement

C-JeS Entertainment has released an official position refuting the stance released by KBS on the 18th.

Through the official statement, CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Regarding the lawsuit that KBS has deemed an issue, the Courts laid down the verdict that SM’s subordinate contract is one-sided and unjust last year, deeming it no longer valid.”

He continued to state, “Also, in February, the Courts recognized that SM was interfering with JYJ’s activities, leading to a strict order being laid down upon them. Therefore, KBS’ claim does not make sense as its statements are not in accordance with each other.“

He also added, “A verdict was made that SM must no longer interfere with the activities JYJ pursue with C-JeS under their contract,” and “These artistes are fighting a lonely battle against a prominent entertainment agency for the sole purpose of gaining a just contract.“

CEO Baek stated, “We believe it is not right for KBS, instead of maintaining an objective stance on the issue, to express its official position in a way that suggests that JYJ have caused problems in society to the public, who do not know much of the issue. Therefore, we request that KBS rectify their errors.”

Lastly, CEO Baek said, “Recently, JYJ have been chosen as honorary ambassadors for publicity projects led by the nation and various groups and have been enhancing national prestige. Therefore, it saddens us to see that others are claiming that JYJ are disrupting the order of the cultural industry.”

Source: TVDaily via dongbangdata

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Tale of How To Be Different

   Actually, I'm rewatching this for the 3rd time. Will there be any review on this? I don't know. Maybe. Depends on how lazy I can be toward my work. Well, I could be even more lazy, but I'm a bit afraid of the retribution, eh... In case someone missed this drama, watch it. I can't explain why I started again to watch it. Maybe my historical drama need is on the prey? Yes, I starved enough. Since SKKS ended, I didn't watch any (except for 8 Days..., but that was a hard one). So, you can imagine my eruption of uncontrollable happiness, rolling on the floor giggling when I read about the confirmed cast for The Princess' Man. I mentioned this drama long time ago here on the blog, but in those times (ohoho) the cast was shrouded in the mist of mystery.
Anyway, 2 historical drama ahead! I'm going to pass out from elation.
Back to Gumiho...

7 weeks

"I think," Tehanu said in her soft, strange voice, "that I when I die, I can breathe back the breath that made me live. I can give back to the world all that I didn't do. All that I might have been and couldn't be. All the choices I didn't make. All the things I lost and spent and wasted. I can give them back to the world. To the lives that haven't been lived yet. That will be my gift back to the world that gave me the life I did live, the love I lived, the breath I breathed." (Ursula K. Le Guin, The Other Wind)

How much any person is able to do in 7 weeks? To see the results of the exercising, one needs at least 8 weeks. Oh yes, a spring onion will be edible by that time, and some radish as well. One can dye the hair again in this time twice. Apart from that? No possibility of learning language (no, my dear, being able to say “I wuv you! Marry me XX  sshi!! is not a language ability), no possibility of building a house. No saving the world from war and poverty. No cure for Alzheimer.
7 weeks is really not that much.
So imagine you are given 7 weeks of life. What would you do? Rob a bakery and steal all meringues… no, wait, go on some rampage and make all those who bullied you in school pay for this? Have tons of uncontrollable sex with anyone and anywhere? How about preparing everyone for your leave? You expect everyone to shed hectoliters of tears and wailing in pain. But guess what? What if some people just want you dead?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Korean Olympus

   I've been meaning to write about this trend for some time already. I hesitated a bit, playing a good, benign girl, but then I came to my senses. Looks like The Land Of Morning Calm turned into Pantheon. Every second actress is a goddess. This one "has legs lke a goddess", other one "blows her nose like a goddess", or eats a ramyeon "like a goddess", the other one "lies down like a goddess". I never saw how a goddess lies down, but apparently, journalists over there did. And I have to take their word for it.

Junsu - cause I'm more biased

   I was listening to this version, praying it would be released in full, super extra HD version. Because even with this I'm having goosebumps. He put so much emotions into his version. Its not just a song. But a dramatic call.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention - I'm biased. Sue me.

JYJ: cause I'm biased

  Article about the charity activity. And not just selling the T-shirts.
True, I'm a bit biased towards those artists that actually do something meaningful and useful. Namely: Kim Namgil, ne?

JYJ: status quo

   Hell, I'm back, and I see the issue is getting more serious. Also, I see that the broadcasts want to shift the blame as far from them as possible. In my language there is this proverb, literally saying: to turn the cat by the tail. Meaning - to turn the blame away from yourself using some lame excuse. 
The crucial word "may", I underlined it below, because "may" doesn't mean "will". It's the same usual bullsh*t to calm down the more and more enraged fans. Nothing more.
And a proof how classy our Yucheon is:
Park Yoochun showed his disappointment by saying, “I, too, want to appear on variety programs but they keep ‘cutting’ me out. I’m not trying to put a great significance on it.”

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yucheon. Nugu??

Before I go, I stumbled upon this, and thought I should share.

MBC "Section TV" didn't attend the preview for the drama "Miss. Ripley".

Actors and actresses Kim Seung-woo, Lee Da-hae, Kang Hye-jeong and other main actors and actresses attended the preview of the drama in Seoul on the 17th of May. Many foreign press also attended the preview for the fans abroad waiting to see Yucheon.
However, "Section TV" didn't attend this event for the lame excuse that they had a lot on their schedule. Usually an entertainment information program doesn't bail on a corporate promotional event. Also, "Miss. Ripley" casts a great deal of popular stars and no matter how much they have on their hands, it's something worth making time for. Therefore there are suspicions that this has something to do with the conflict between Park Yucheon and SM Entertainment. Previously "Section TV" also ignored the poster shooting of the drama as well.

At the question, "It doesn't seem easy to see you on entertainment programs", Yucheon showed frustration saying, "I want to do them but because they keep cutting me off..."

Yucheon is coming to home screens for the second time with "Miss. Ripley" following the drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal". This drama is based on the motive of the Sin Jeong-ah case and Yucheon is the heir of a resort who has feelings for Lee Da-hae. The first broadcast is on the 30th.

Jeon Nomin in Star Couple

Simply, how can anyone not admire this man? Or Kim Boyeon?

Every Night with Yucheon

I mean... Every Night is a show... eh, nevermind...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


  Should have stayed away from Korean websites. Should have not opened some...
Let's face it. Yucheon is a God's crime against hardworking poor girls. They can't focus on... Actually they can, but not on the thing they are supposed to. How on Earth and Tatooine anyone can be THAT cute?

City Hunter

Well... I wouldn't run that fast if I met such hunter... Oh damn... wrong post. I thought about the next one I gathered pics and had to come back to life. Ekhem. City Hunter starts next week. And since I was never a big fan of anime (I didn't read the manga), I have absolutely no expectations. Except for nekkid Minho.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ju Jihun^^

Happy Birthday, love^^
We're waiting!

New Tales of Gisaeng: on the way up!

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, New Gisaeng Story rated 19.1% on national average on the 15th.
This is 1.5.% more than the previous 17.6% and it is continuing to hold on to its first place in weekend dramas. (hancinema)
According to TNmS the ratings are slightly smaller. But who cares about ratings! I would watch it even if those were single-digit!
And this makes small Ethlenn very, very hapy. Almost as much as the ending of ep 34. 16 episodes to go, and Ah Damo's parents to kill overcome. Whoohoo!


   See, they make it extremely hard for me to concentrate on my work...
The moment I got home... uhmm, actually no, exaggeration alert. The moment I came home I went to sleep a bit. Yes. Woke up with all strength mustered up and was really trying to do something, but Junsu's song, and now this. Now THIS!
Movie is on the roll of filming^^
I guess no payback for Jeon Doyeon for screwing his character royally in No Blood No Tears, keke...
It's... fangirl tiiiiiiime!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Noble families of education disappear

An interesting article from JoongAngDaily below.

Yucheon & Co

   Sorry to Junsu, he's right after in terms of cuteness and my wuv, but he's first in vocal department (yes, sorry Chun^^). Jaejung... well, cute too. But not my sandbox.
Any news? Yes, Junsu sang "This man", a well-known song from Secret Garden drama. That being the best thing that could happen to it. Ohoho, I see those flames... And the picture above is from poster shooting for Ripley. May I guess? Yucheon will be photoshoped out in the end. Or his features changed to resemble, just to name, a lamp. I love lamp...
And to make up for it, photoshoot for the latest NII below.

Alien Sector 7

   A movie about a group of people in a closed environment fighting with some monster. No, not Alien this time. But the concept looks dangerously close. 
It's about a group of people... oh wait, I wrote that. One more time - it's about a mutated monster (because plain monster is so passé!) and people trying to survive its murderous insticts/appetite/failed-try-at-relationship. They are all trapped on an oil platform. I bet lightning strikes the tower and they will be out of electricity and phones.
I'm all for it. I hate movies in 3D, because as for me, they just cover up the flaws in script and/or directing. But I will watch this one when it's out. First reason? Ahn Seonggi. Second reason? Bloodbath.
And I can almost name the characters that will be dying one by one. The woman, played by Ha Jiwon will survive. As Ripley did.
The other lady, clean scientist, will probably die, just because she is the total opposite of the protagonist. Any comic relief will die too shooting out his last round of ammo, screaming: "Oh, come on, motherf*ck...! I don't have all day!!"... or something to this sort. Or maybe not, they ain't space marines after all.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Target acquired - Junsu (?)

Uhmm... I don't want to see the conspiracy everywhere, but you know...
Original article in Korean: here.

JYJ in V

   You need to open the picture below in a separate window to read. Nice article, and nice target. Insane fangirls. I will repeat - INSANE!
Yes, I guess, everyone knows about my (and not only, all of the sane people on DA as well) hate for idiotic fangirls.

Friday, May 13, 2011

New Tales of Gisaeng: videos

   Videos that made me love this drama. Yes, it's from the very beginning of the first episode. At first I was stunned. Not every drama starts with a girl dancing, and a burglar dancing outside her house. The girl, despite dancing, had face without any particular emotion, and I thought she's blocked and emotionally handicapped. It was weird. This drama is weird. Especially the "imagination parts". But this also proves how close to the reality the writers are. Because we all imagine things, right? No, not THAT things, ladies! My favorite "imagined"? Gongju dreaming of doing laundry on Sonja's abs (yes, you read that right), and Damo's father imagining his son as a drag. Damn... I had to stop it to laugh. This was so damn funny, because, you know, Damo is 1000% male, keke.

Some Junsu's news

Park Euntae, Kim Junsu, Im Taekyeong, Jeon Dongseok

   F*ck, Blogger removed my huge post with Junsu's news. Don't care, problems or not, they shouldn't remove people's posts. It took me over an hour to complete everything I needed for it. Thank you very much! 
So, one more time. Junsu was chosen lately as the ambassador for musical awards. 
According to Asiae: Junsu was chosen the PR ambassador to the 5th edition of The Musical Awards ceremony co-hosted by the Korea Musical Theater Association, JoongAng Daily and JoongAng Daily’s cable channel jTBC set to be held at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts on June 7
As we know (or not), the first musical Junsu starred in was Mozart! last year that scored him 2 awards for the best newcomer. He was, truth be told, criticized for his low notes, but as I read now, experts are saying he improved a lot. Good. Then, this year, he was in the musical Tears of Heaven. The second round of Mozart! is set to run from May 24 to July 3. (fangirl dilemma: Junsu or Euntae?? Ottokke?!)
Not in Europe.
May I curse?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Korea's prickly issue

Articles found on JoongAngDaily, just now when I got back home.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Omo, oh noez!!

  If Yi Seojin wasn't enough to make me vow to watch this drama (Gyebaek), the new addition to it will make me glued to the screen. Jeon Nomin, because it was him who was recently added to the cast, is on my list of admired men. As I wrote someplace else when writing about Royal Family - his elusive, blurred, uncertain Eom Gido was the one and only reason for me to start this drama and watch whole 7 episodes. Maybe I should finish it anyway? But the rest of the characters are not that interesting. So yes, July, come quickly! Ah, historical drama with such topic, and of course with solid (have no doubt) performances. I just beg - don't use idiotic CGIs like in Geunchogo, pretty please.

Music shows fortune

Well, the fortune spent on them, to be precise.
I have to occupy my mind with something, saw new SHINee boys pics and can't concentrate... I caught up with all my dramas, I have no power or will to read any anthopology crap... Oh damn...
Update: Part 6 is served.

May thoughts

   May 8th - my little sis Birthday^^
Also, I meant to write so many meaningful posts here during the weekend, but instead I wasted my time on wine and doing nothing. I should get a degree on this one. OK, I did prepare for tomorrow's classes, and I have to say one thing - I really hate kabuki. No one, ever, EVAR, will convince me otherwise.
See, there was this time I started to love everything that had certain tag on it. It was year 1995.

Music mood:
Mike Oldfiel - Five Miles Out:

Five miles out...
Just hold your heading to
got to get your finest out

Saturday, May 07, 2011


Weekly rankings continue. This time it's from the latest Entertainment Weekly.
And I'm not surprised by the first place, I would be more surprised if it wasn't him.

We love beautiful people

  And if those beautiful people are in the same time talended and modest - omo, a daily dose of squeee...
In the recent poll, on Naver, few categories were taken into the consideration - warm, erratic and humiliating. In the first category those four artists above had their place. Kim Taehee won first place because of her warm personality she shows, as well her being the University graduate. The second place went to Park Yucheon (29.6%, 8165 votes out of 27.546). He gained the admiration not only because of his musical skills, but also because of honest portrayal in SKKS, and on top of that, because his writing skills, and his ability to speak three languages. 
The rest is Seven and Park Hanbyeol.
In the second category there was Won Bin and Jo Kwon (2AM), just to name the few.

Music mood:
W&Whale - Moon Madness 

The Korean Dads’ 12-Step Program

Interesting article mailed to me as "mail alert on Korea" by NY Times
See, while watching drama, I could send all fathers, especially chaebol ones, to such session. Looks like drama don't lie on this one, keke.

A soft-spoken electrical engineer named Edmond Rhim sat in a packed gymnasium with his wife, Hanna, gripping her tiny hand in his. It was the last of four five-hour-long sessions of Father School, and by the end of the night, 70 men — all of them Korean, and almost all of them Christian — would be declared more emotionally adjusted dads. They would even get a certificate, a group photo and a polo shirt to prove it. 

Friday, May 06, 2011

Hallyu in Europe

Cut of the news show on KBS.
For all SHINee lovers out there... ekhem...

JYJ - ...

I'm a pervert. That's all.

Cats and their men

   Or was it the other way around?? Nevermind. After my daily squee over Junsu's cats, my lovely bunch of witc... erhm... lovely ladies gave me another blow I can't recover until now. Spending my minutes over pics going KYAA, me-wants-some-but-don't-know-which!!
I can purr too, maybe someone wants to adopt me?
Claws will be hidden^^

Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Tempest... in Shilla

   You know, after staring at this pic for 15 minutes straight, I decided to report the information here as well.
And I envy everyone at the Edinburgh International Festival this year in mid-August if this is going to look like that. The light, colors and motion is incredibly overwhelming.
Interview with Oh Tae-suk of the Mokwha Repertory Company.
Oh The Tempest...  Personally, I think it's one of the underrated plays of Shakespeare. Eh...

JYJ - new videos

Or maybe not that new.
Thanks to whoever made them available!

Shed a light on Yucheon

   As I promised, any news even with the slightest new piece of information will be reported here.
Among all this, I just wonder about one small detail - why the hell MBC casted him? To boost the ratings at the smallest cost? In my country, this is called a vulture share. You know the meaning.