Monday, October 18, 2010

Few videos: JJY, SKKS^^

   And now this killed me. Ah, why am I not in Busan? Why am I not this lucky fella who could hug JJY?? Is life always this bad, or is it only like this when you live in Europe? Dammit!
Plus, I made another cut about this now-famous-line of Song Jungki about Yu Ah-in's lips, hehe, so you can either watch it or download the cut.

Hmm... hot guys shouldn't wear glasses, cause they make them way too hot to handle, and mediocre guys are beyond the help of any apparel. I mean, not the glasses... I mean... damn, and I just crawled back from the gutter.
Besides, eh, JJY... 

So, cut of the interview with Song Jungki:

And two videos on SKKS. One is the making of the first episode (the egg!!), the second is... well, a video. Clubbox haz it.

And the second:

Actually there was also a small cut on the rest of DBSK, but due to heart attack I was unable to cut it...