Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Gu Yongha. Gu. Yong. Ha.

   But why, yes, I do sometimes things other than watching dramas and b*tching about the condition of the modern society. But yes, I do not give a damn about some idio... uhmm, journalists that write in 14-years-old girl style. Why?
And I don't give a damn about the opinions of others. I'm old enough and stubborn enough to stay by my own principles. Plus I know the exact amount of words to express it. My vocabulary, as well as the dictionary of everyday use of any of our Lovely Unnis and one Maknae^^ at D-A, consists of more than "lovely", "cute", "awesome" and "stupid". So, let me elaborate on the problem that has been bugging me for some time already: Buahahahaa!!
No, seriously, I have nothing to say actually. I just wanted to somehow introduce the cut I did from the show I forgot the name already (my poor head), as well as two articles I found while browsing the net in search for Shotoku taishi.
So, first, Gu Yongha cut. As always for watching or download.
And the articles: 
KBS imposes new regulations in response to sexually suggestive content
Phy, I knew that all along. I was just waiting. And as much as I kind of agree on the sexual behavior of the singers, the fact that in dramas there are NO passionate kisses (with few exceptions) won't change, and may even get worse. Oh, godss... then fairly ok kissing in Kdramas will change in j-dramas dead-fish look-alike.
Leave dramas alone, comittee!!
With more attention being put on the issue of sexually suggestive content shown on public broadcast programs, KBS has responded to the criticisms by revealing their new regulation policy at the KBS parliamentary inspection held by the Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting, & Communications on October 18th.
After being criticized by congressman An Young Hwan for underage celebrities wearing revealing outfits, KBS CEO Kim In Kyu answered, “We’re currently inspecting anything that’s deemed too sexually suggestive to society. Especially the outfits of underage singers, ‘Music Bank‘ will be setting up internal regulations so that they prepare separate outfits and choreography for our show.”
Regarding variety programs requesting underage idols to perform sexy dances and show recordings going well past midnight, Kim answered, “We will be aggressively working to restrict idol celebrities from making appearances on shows that must film late into the night. The regulations for that issue are still being set up.”
KBS was also one of the first companies to raise their show rating for “Music Bank” from the ages of 12 and up to 15 and up.
Viewers welcomed the changes, commenting, “For once, something is being done. Now it’s MBC and SBS’s turn.”
Source: (allkpop)
And the second one: 
Yuchun praised for his acting in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”
You know, I do not invest my time, emotions and feelings into something that has no future. Now all I can say is Yey for this article.
I think he can pursue acting as a professional career.” – CP
Drama representatives have been expressing their amazement at JYJ’s Yuchun’s (Micky Yoochun) first drama debut. Although he received criticisms in the beginning for his embarrassing acting skills, his steady and consistent improvement has caught the eyes of many, and in particular, the CP of KBS’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.”
CP Kwak Kiwon stated on October 17th, “I noticed that his gaze started to change after the fifth episode. His lines got a lot longer and the amount of NGs he made started to decrease as well. By the 15th and 16th episode recording, I was shocked when I saw that he was immersing himself into his lines, even shedding a few tears at times.”
He went on to compliment, “He has amazing concentration skills. The pressure must be heavy on him since he’s a rookie but he’s able to handle a lot of things despite his status.
For an inexperienced actor, one would assume that the long term recordings and the difficult scheduling would tire him out. However, Yuchun showed remarkable consistency even while performing as a member of JYJ. Kwak CP continued, “Yuchun earns a lot of points for his sincerity. He’s a star as a singer, but he fully knows that he’s still a rookie when it comes to acting and acts accordingly.”
The CEO of Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s production company, Lemon Rain, stated, “We were worried since Lee Seon Jun has many lines, but he exceeded our expectations so we’re very proud. Through each episode, his acting is improving. He has the potential to become a great actor.”
A representative from CJES Entertainment commented, “Yuchun went through rigorous acting lessons before recording the drama. The acting he is showing now is only the result of much effort. The producers were so surprised at how well he matched the role when he first got costumed and earned a great response.” (allkpop)

And yes, I underlined the most important thing.