Monday, October 04, 2010

Ju Jihun - musical Sailing For Life

Here, I want to thank the kind soul who put the videos recorded with shaky hand. If it were me, I would be shaking as well.
To those who don't like live musicals or musicals at all - you can skip this post.
For Lee Junki fans - yes, treat is as some unavoidable calamity for me, cause I couldn't get rid of him from the video.
It's not the whole play, but small fragment and before that a short vid of our dear Jihun^^
(yes, I'm in the fluffy mood after todays SKKS, ufufufu)
First, the short presentation:

And the musical fragments:

And slightly better quality (not in the content but the display, hehe) from Innolife:

And if you don't mind the screams, by soom0516^^

Ah, that's all...
Hope they will make a DVD out of this.

And here is on display a military owl, dear viewers^^