Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Padam Padam Ep 18

There is a lot of people to feel sorry for in this drama, but one is especially pitiful. Jeong, the boy was caught by really stormy winds.

2011 in Kpop^^

Picture from here.
“It's best to be ruthless with the past.”
(Stephen King, Rose Madder)

   I wanted to write this much earlier, but somehow other things came in a way and I postponed this until now. This is a very biased, very personal take on 2011 in Kpop, so don't throw any stones for missing this-or-this group out of those 2526545 that debuted last year. Except for 2NE1 I don't listen to girls' groups (and even 2NE1 I listen when I want to 'shake that thing' only), so lack of them here is justified, right?
Oh yes, your all-time favorite category "Oppa Didn't Mean It" is also here.
Especially for one special friend out there^^

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jeong U-seong interview part 2

Interview part 2 is served. Uff...
Forgive my awkward sentences sometimes.

MBC labor union votes for strike

People are fighting for normal conditions of work, yet fangirls biggest concern is that they won't see cute couples on We Got Married show.

"Sounds an awful lot like a dictatorship to me."

It’s been over a week when Megaupload was crushed. All internetz rushed to express their fury and bewilderment. The whole world united to show that such action and proposed bill of SOPA in US Congress is a threat to the free internet. SOPA was postponed. Then, we all tried to alert everyone about ACTA, but sadly, I didn’t see as many ‘fighters’ as it was with SOPA (protests in some countries were admirable, but still too little). Meaning – Americans got way too ignorant about the threat and sat down complacent about their own asses. They simply labeled ACTA as ‘European thingy’. Which shows they clearly can’t either read or get the map. Since when Japan and Korea are inside the Europe? Oh that’s good, it means I’m closer to grabbing some than I previously thought. What a relief.

Jeong U-seong interview part 1

   First part of the interview is served. I know I was supposed to translate it earlier, but... Friday was my bad day, and Saturday I spent with my sister cause she fed me (and I baked a banana bread for her^^), so I was kinda indulging into real life activities.
But fret no more, it is here. Since it's a quite big interview, I split it in two parts. Next one later on Sunday (after I catch some sleep).

Friday, January 27, 2012

Angelic Reporter

I'm sorry if the translation is a bit off of this short article accompanying the video, but it's not my good day. Plus, articles on Nate are not exactly the deepest messages of this world, so...
I ommitted the part with fans' replies, because "You're so cute" (“천사 국수 너무 귀여워요~” brb puking) makes me sick and is absolutely irrelevant.
As in case of every translated piece - repost wherever you want, credits would be nice, but I don't care. It's just a translation.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Science fiction

Image relevant as hell.

   Many authors had inclination to 'what if'-ing about the future. Usually the future in cyberpunk genre or dozens of sci-fi movies looks dark, apalling and cold. I have always liked movies about totalitarian systems, maybe my own historical background, I have no idea. Tyrants and opression were my favorites topics, except for treason.
Today, ACTA was signed in Tokyo. Virtually all countries of EU will be bound by one law that stretches throughout the entire world (yes, your beloved Japan and Korea too). This is not an angry post, surprisingly my depression took over anger at this very moment. 
But worry not, I will b*tch about that later.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kim Beom interview part 2

The second part of the interview is served.

Kim Beom interview part 1

Interview part 1 is served, ladies and gentlemen reading this blog.
Reading that I giggled all the time. See, this young man went overboard (really) to get rid of his 'kkotminam' image, yet some older than him Prancing Fairies do everything to stay as girly as they can.
Professionalism, you say? 20 years in this business, you say?
Omo, I'm bad again.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Padam Padam ep 15

OK, let me organize my thoughts. Wait a minute... ahahaha!! What thoughts??
Beautiful, painful, intense episode.
Yes, I went into screenshot-making frenzy, but don't blame me. I don't like Spider release, but it was the first one. For re-watching I will wait for ONE.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Voting for Padam Padam

I know, I'm spamming a lot today, but I don't caaare!
Turns out, voting for cable dramas, the one I mentioned few posts below, is open, so everyone can do it. I just checked, and I saw my tiny vote counted, so yeah.
Tutorial follows.

Two articles

   To wrap up my anti-ACTA frenzy that lasted for few hours today, I present two articles. Not mine translation, they come from Asian-Drama.org, I will try to find some articles to translate myself tomorrow.
If I'm not dead from the heart attack of course before that.
The translation os a bit shaky and there is a lot to guess by yourself, but what the hell. 

Some pics to kill the time

   Oh, just thought about making another batch with pics. Some of the previous batch are also included because I didn't go through them. Reason is simple - a dog. Jina's dog, so I wasn't too comfortable going through pics sorting them out.
But I guess there is nothing like 'too much' of Padam Padam pics.
Just because waiting is such a b*tch...

Cable drama worth every penny

This is a poll conducting now on DC Gall from 2012-01-17 - 2012-01-24. So far, Padam Padam is second. The first place belongs to Harvest Villa (and I can't complain actually).
I transcribed the list below.
Info from PP twitter.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Asia Prince neglected

   See, there is a good reason why I can't take Japanese seriously. I was never an avid fan of either manga or anime. The series I read/watched was mostly non shoujo, so I can't really connect with all this fandom ("Evangelion" for Eva!!! *jeez, I'm a genius*). Worse, I despise this one and the whole yaoi genre as well. I guess I wrote once why I hate yaoi so much. Everyone is entitled to one's own opinion, some may love it, some may hate it. I'm a hater then.
According to Koreaboo:
"The Boss's label Open World Entertainment, as well as various Japanese sources have revealed news surrounding member Karam's first acting role in a movie.
The movie is an adaptation of a manga series of the same name, and revolves around the love story of two high-schoolers. The school's "Princess", in this case a young pretty male, and the "Prince", a girl with a tomboyish presence.
When the singer of Mizuki's (Ito Ohno) all-girl band Blaue Rosen moves overseas, Akira (Karam) is set to join them. While he first has to overcome Mizuki's suspicious misgivings, Akira dresses up as a girl to be able to fit in the band

This is where things start to get really weird. 

Y U No sarang me, Oppa?

   I thought that not everyone follows me some places else, and this is too good to hide it. I found it on tumblr actually, but I bet it's available everywhere connected to broadly understood Kpop fandom.
Fangirls are scary, dumb and stubborn. Those three traits combined make them almost as scary as ACTA and SOPA combined.
Oppa, please date every horny fangirl that dreams of holding hands with you! So we, usual fans, could get a break from their whining, moaning, spazzing and idiocy.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Short notice

   As a committed blogger, I want to say few words on this war that started yesterday, few minutes past 9 pm local time. SOPA law is not effective yet, but they took down Megaupload and few other filesharing sites. Some may ask - how a law that applies to US only affects us? It does, and in a great deal. First of all, most of the hosting sites are based (or were based) in US. After being taken down, links are broken. Tinypic, ie., I used it to host lovely and dorky Kpop gifs I found on the net. They are all gone now. The one above is directly sent to Picassa (it does consumme the space).

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ondol heating

Although most Koreans no longer wear hanbok, traditional garments, or live in hanok, traditional houses, they have retained one feature of traditional life: the floor heating system known as ondol, which literally means “warm stone.”

Ondol transmits the smoke generated by a furnace through an underfloor system placed throughout the house.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Angelic post

Uhmm... I... whatever.

Padam Padam continuation

Continuation of the previous post.

Padam Padam pics

First set. All come from korean websites, official and twitter.
And 99% of them are really huge, because I tried to find best resolution pics. Perfect for making wallpapers or just staring. This series is visually gorgeous, so it's a lot to stare at. Landscape, town, trees, Gugsu, stars... yes, a lot.

Teh petto remains flawless

Oh, well, mainly for one of my unique friends who has special attachement to this boy^^
He doesn't gutter me, but I highly approve of his actions.

2011 Dramas

   Not that last year was prolific with outstanding dramas. Bad thing - it wasn't. I dropped more dramas than in previous years combined. Those years past I finished almost all dramas I started, but with Secret Garden last year I had an epiphany. I realized I have no obligation whatsoever to finish the drama I have no feel for, or I didn't "click" with it.
And I have problem with classifying *fangirl alert* What's Up! or Padam Padam. Fact, those both started last year, but I prefer to treat them as 2012 dramas. Why? Because 2011 was a crappy year for me.
Yeah, maybe biased list, maybe no one agrees with me (but I won't cry in the corner as 'certain someone The Diva'), yet I don't impose my opinion, so feel free to disagree.
I respect my dearest readers opinions and taste as well.
As long as they won't steal one of my 82673512365 loves.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why Do Many Celebrities Suffer from Mental Problems

Grass is green, sky is blue, what else is new?

Veteran comedian Lee Kyung-kyu (52), who regularly appears on several TV shows, recently confessed that he has been taking medication to treat panic attacks for four months. The revelation has instantly turned the spotlight on mental disorders or depressions many people in showbusiness are vulnerable to.

"I constantly felt like I was suffocating and felt scared of dying," Lee said. His fans were shocked by his confession, as Lee always exuded a happy-go-lucky persona on TV as an entertainer skilled at making viewers laugh.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

On the horizon

   I am a loyal fan so I will watch Shut Up Flower Band (or something like that), because of Myeongsu (L) in it. Although I don't expect anything groundbreaking and painfully deep. And rumor has it, Yucheon will have a new drama called "Attic Prince". I can see a lawsuit filled by Diva Jang that the title "Prince" belongs to him. I so see it.
No written agreement yet, but the talks went, supposedly, smoothly.
And the other movie is worth mentioning because of its genre - thriller and fantasy. Damn that sounds good.

Oppa Didn't Mean It 2012 Part 1

Oh, and quite big this time.
This is what this is about:
MC asked what kind of parents they would be, CAP takes the mic and says "I would raise my children cooly" then said http://i.imgur.com/hz31w.jpg, and http://i.imgur.com/gl1pH.jpg immediately after. They all ask "WHY!?" to which he says http://i.imgur.com/7tB94.jpg. Then Niel asks "so you hit her at home?" and Chunji says "there's even more dangerous" (even though they probably meant "thats") to which CAP replies "to make her obedient." (source)

Infinite being normal.

As always. 
This is why I love them so much. They are derps and dorks, but at least know how to behave.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Color of Woman

Mine is blood red right now.
According to koreadrama this is "a drama that contrasts a woman who succeeds with knowledge and reason and a woman who weaponizes appearance and sensitivity". 
I'll be frank, 3-Iron was my very first Korean movie seen long time ago, when I was a student, and despite it blew my mind then, I took no particular interest in dramas. Well, I had no PC then too, so it may be also the case. But that smirk on Jae Hee's face in prison cell I remember as if it was my own memory.
Having said that, you probably know why I'm watching this drama. Worse - I'm loving it.

An Award for INFINITE!!

And not just any award, Golden Disc Award!!
I'm so happy for them!!
Infinite won 2 awards at the Golden Disk Awards: Disk Bonsang & Hallyu Icon Award!

Oh yes, the haters are hating already. I'm WTF as well, but seriously, saying they didn't deserve it proves how stupid all those people are.
And I read that today's awards were based on real copy sales, so I'm happy I had my small participation in it buying repackaged album.
Tomorrow - digital sales.
And just to add - SuJu won 4 awards.

Ju Ji-hun quits musical 'Doctor Zhivago


Monday, January 09, 2012

SBS, oh SBS...

   We all probably noticed that last year's Gayos were pure crap in term of technical issues. Mics not working, lack of space, other things. It's not one or two stations, MBC had sound problems, and SBS... Oh you know I'm not that fond of this station.
I found one post on tumblr gathering few incidents in one place.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Padam Padam...

   Edith Piaf sang that once...
Truthfully speaking, I'm speechless. It's been some time since any drama did that to me. I'd like to write here and now all I love about this show, but I have to excuse you, the next episode is waiting. This show is so weird, so surreal and so... anything but Kdrama-ish.

Molotov cocktails in Seoul

A Chinese man, who claimed his grandmother was a “comfort woman” forced into sexual slavery by Japan’s military, hurled four Molotov cocktails at the Japanese Embassy in Seoul early Sunday morning.
The 36-year-old Lui, was apprehended at the scene after throwing the firebombs over the wall of the embassy at 8:18 a.m., according to Jongno Police Station.
Two of the four Molotov cocktails went over the embassy wall but did not catch fire. The attack caused no injury or property damage, police said.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Immortal Song 2 special

   For a moment show got relevant again. And next week - Jay Park, so I'll skip this one.
I have to say one thing - IS 2 did great to Wuhyeon (not his health, I bet), he is more confident on stage, and sings with broader range now. Comparing to his first performance when his mic was shaking, damn, that's a huge improvement.
I can sleep safe about his musical.

Korea, Y U no make musical movie?

Oh, I so can see some Kpop plastic fantastic here^^ Not sure if I can see brilliant Corny though.
    Few personal words first. I’ve been watching movies for well over 20 years now, and I believe I watched my first musical around the same time. I don’t remember what it was. One thing I do remember is that I’ve been always enamored by musicals – be it as a movie or performed on the stage. It does not matter.
Korea is abundant with stage musicals, according to Won Jong-Won who wrote an article in “Koreana”, there is around 180 musicals staged annually without those for children. This is probably more than the amount of movies made in my country per year.
But when it comes to musicals as movies or dramas – barren land. Nothing.

Indie Music Awards

   Fine, this post is for all of you who can't digest trot.

On January 2nd the results from Mint Paper Awards 2011 were published. Today followed a set of videos where the winners get to say their thanks to the music experts and Mint Paper members (‘minters’) that voted for them during the first half of December.
Rookie of The Year: Glen Check
Concert of The Year: Antenna Music Warriors그래, 우리 함께
Song of The Year: Chang Kiha & The Faces – “그렇고 그런 사이”
Album of The Year: The KoxxAccess OK
Artist of The Year: 10cm

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Another song

   Nice, terrifyingly sad song. 
See, Kpop has also gems, this is why I'm stuck so much with it. Some of you (hey, ladies! especially you, Rokkugo^^) have probably enough of me and my stupid SuJu brainwash of you all, but before you judge this video, watch it. And well, you can judge me as insane afterwards.

Ballad evening

   There are few voices that are especially cut to sing ballads. I mentioned Tei many times now, and even though I love his voice and his ballads are superb, his voice is of broader range.
Since today is my January Weltschmerz day, I give you some of (not all) my favorite live performances by Tei.
And I do hope he's recording with London Philharmonic Orchestra, I really do, because it's been some time since Opera Star ended, and not a one song (I don't count that bad OST).

Cliffs of Insanity

Wasting my life on tumblr has also its good sides.
Translations of those tweets below:

‘Best Idol Star’ award to JYJ

   AKP reports that: "From December 8th to the 28th, KBS held a ‘2011 Best Icon Award‘ poll on their website and JYJ secured the #1 spot for ‘Best Idol Star’.
JYJ with 58,357 votes beat out Lee Seung Gi who had 53,560 votes to come out on top. JYJ who released their first special full-length Korean album ‘In Heaven‘ this year have proven that they are capable and talented musicians.
Behind JYJ were not only Lee Seung Gi, but also Park Si Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong, Girls’ Generation, and more.
Netizens favorite corner on ‘Gag Concert‘ proved to be ‘The Loving Man Who Makes Ambiguous Decisions’ which came in at #1, and actor Shin Ha Kyun of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Brain‘ seized the #1 spot for ‘Best Cast Role’."

And now, ladies and gentlemen,  "A staff member from KBS uploaded a picture and tweeted, “Due to schedule ~ We went to find JYJ who was filming in Kangnam, and delivered the Best Icon Award. The three young men who are still spirited, lively, and cheerful as before. We even brought restorative herbal medicine so that they’ll eat and hang in there..”
In the picture uploaded, the JYJ members are seen holding their award and herbal medicine with pleased expressions on their faces


Allow me to puke first.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Comfort women again

Article and interview on "comfort women" from Koreatimes.

My Pet review

WTF we are doing here, wait, we sobered up!

   The worst movie since 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant. That should be the end of my review.
Don't watch it. Ever. Never. Watch Twilight instead, at least it has some nice shots of Vancouver forests.
There is no plot, no acting, no good music, no characters. Only Jang and his fake cuteness dipped in high cut curl conditioner.
Good points? Oh yes, there is one, for antropologists - to observe how a flock of fangirls faints over ticket alone and sqeals while main character is on screen doing something (don't ask me what).

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Solar Beginning

   Looks like 2012 will be as prolific with fanwars, flames and pointless discussions as 2011 was. All the best for me and those who can stand on the side, watch and laugh.
3 days into new year and we have a new, splendid display of stupidity.

“The Musical Actor In My Heart Is?”

From left: Junsu, Hong Kwangho, Ock Ju Hyun, Uhm Ki Jun and Park Euntae

   I didn't know about this voting. Had I known, I'd have contributed with my little vote for one and only Mr. Hong. I love Junsu, I really do, but frankly speaking, he's behind Hong Kwangho.
He's less scary too.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Infinite happiness

   I spent most of my time on reading, watching some news on TV, finishing articles and of course on Kpop. I have tons of it, and since I was cut off from news I rewatched all I had (almost, OK) focusing on certain Big Dipper dorks.
And hilarious Oppa Oppa "MV".
This way, to the annoyance of many people, I decided to throw here Infinite news as well.

Two celestial beings

One - Jaejung, other Yucheonnie.
Let's start from the latter. He was awarded, yes, yet again for his acting skills. Not for filling the Tokyo Dome with eels (well, Cassies did fill it in the times long past, true), not for plonking on guitar pretending to act.
Yucheon won the Best New Actor Award with Lee Ki-gwang at the 2011 MBC Drama Awards held on the 30th of December at the MBC Dream Center.
He said, "I am so grateful. I know how much this means to the young actors who get this award. It's such a great honor".
He added, "It's especially a big and meaningful award for me. I think it's something you're giving me even though I'm in a difficult situation". (after HanCinema)
Yes, for acting, because he's improving and he's worth every award they can give him.
Oh yes, I am biased.

2012 - be good^^

   Alright, I'm back, fresh, with restored barrels of venom to use, with blades of wit so sharp they could shave The Diva's head, cause legs are probably smoother than mine.
I hope you were good kids, got lots of presents and all. Now, time for presents from Santa Ethlenn.
First, a good one, JYJ case.