Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time flies by

   It's been 2 years (yesterday, OK, I'm lazy) since I created an account on DA. Time surely flies by. I never thought I would be so active there, because every forum I signed up bored me after 2 months at most. Honestly, I thought dramas would have the same effect, and I know I'm still at the beginning, 2 and a half year is not that long. I plan to equal my dear friend, Peggy^^ in her admiration.
Maybe I'm getting older, but I do get sentimental sometimes, especially after nice drink pepsi-rum (50-50) and while smiling at all those memories. OK, this happens when I have nothing better to do, this is why I like to keep busy. I gave myself today as a day off, this is why I'm trolling here and there, having fun on my biiicycle, biiicycle! and getting slowly drunk.

   I met wonderful people on DA. You all know who I am talking about, ladies! We argue, we agree, but we stick together like musketeers! We share frustrations, delight, fangirling and bashing alike. I have to admit, I feel truly like among my oldest friends there.
And yet I didn't forfeit my social life, amazing, no? I still go to some parties in a real life, I have work, I have studies, and I'm really happy. I'm not some self-pitying fangirl, obsessed with her object of obsession (yes, I'm still redundant) that got lost in the virtual world.
I learned to defend my right to speak my mind. Even if my words are not pleasing everyone. I tend to be a fair critical voice - if I see a crap I don't call it a chocolate. Even though everyone around would praise its flavor.
We were branded as haters, and we did make someone cry. Or - we did hurt few people out there. So what? If someone who, I thought, had talent acts like a stripping whore, hungry for more fame, I will call it like that, not as "oh, it's so cute oppa! Saranghae!!"
The one and only korean boy group I knew even before my hallyu hit hard, has disbanded without any future views for reuniting. But I'm proud to support the three who had enough courage and spine to fight against Leviathan.
Some new talents appeared that I keep an eye for them. Old loves that started it all remained strong and grew more.

And I guess I have still some weak spot for dramas I watched in a week, when I started to watch kdramas, and let myself be devoured by this erroneous, unpredictable world.
And I think that there are many years ahead of me with kdramas, and with my friends I met on DA. Just like in one of Placebo's songs:
And that's the end and that's the start of it
That's the whole and that's the part of it
That's the high and that's the heart of it
That's the long and that's the short of it
That's the best and that's the test in it
That's the doubt, the doubt, the trust in it
That's the sight and that's the sound of it
That's the gift and that's the trick in it

Placebo-20 years

No matter what people say - I love dramas and appreciate everyone involved in it. I appreciate also those who can't act - for making me laugh, and those who think their ego is bigger than Tatooine with its 2 suns. See, I'm not biased!
I also want to thank the Academy...