Sunday, September 23, 2012

Naul Rides the Wind

   The winds of online charts too. Usually r'n'b singers are able to secure place in listeners' hearts but not on music charts. The success of Naul is the combination of few factors in fact, in my opinion. First, some people may be already tired with constant spewing debuting of nugu groups singing the same and dancing almost the same (100% recent debut is painfully average and proves this) so people tend to go for more "music-in-music" as I call it. Second, Naul is not nugu, he was in Brown Eyed Soul along Jung Yeop, so he's not completely stranger to music world. Third, the song is captivating. And fourth - the MV is pure form of art. And last but not least - it's sad. It's Autumn, we like sadness.

   I wrote about Korean MV style and technique long time ago, and this MV just supports my theory that right now, Korea makes the best MVs. Even for popsickle pop they make it top-notch.

As for Naul's "Memory of the Wind"... It doesn't matter if burning rocks fell from the sky. It could be bombs, just in case anyone's wondering, but rocks evoke something more, some unavoidable, unpredictable and cold, inhuman chaos. Oh yes, I had tears in my eyes while watching this. 
Plus, one element completely knocked me off my feet. I was unprepared for a silent groom to come... on a horse, dressed in uniform. I'm from the country where the uhlan tradition was strong and still holds a secure place in the imagery. My family has strong connections to it so seeing this, in our non-romantic and non-pure times, made me fall into pieces.
So a young man riding the horse to his bride just messed me up so much. Or maybe I'm a romantic afterall?

MV here: