Saturday, May 21, 2011

Junsu - cause I'm more biased

   I was listening to this version, praying it would be released in full, super extra HD version. Because even with this I'm having goosebumps. He put so much emotions into his version. Its not just a song. But a dramatic call.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention - I'm biased. Sue me.



Director Yoo Hui Sung of the musical ‘Mozart!’ didn’t hold back on his praise for JYJ member Kim Junsu.

 On the 11th, the rehearsal of the musical ‘Mozart!’, which took place at the Namsan Creation Center in Seoul, was opened to the press. Kim Junsu sang the number ‘Why Do You Not Love Me’ with golden hair and a red outfit, heightening the concentration of many.
Director Yoo Hui Sung, who cast Kim Junsu as the role of Mozart for the second year, did not hold back on his praise for the singer as he said, “Last year, people called Kim Junsu a musical prodigy. Though he was trying out a musical for the first time, his speed and ability to take things in was truly astounding. His talents were and still are so amazing that musical actors have to be on their toes and watch out for him,” and “This year, he has gone from a prodigy to a genius. He is full of emotion and is able to soak in everything around him. I’m happy to be working with him.”

After giving a highlight rehearsal, Kim Junsu stated to the press that, “It’s a great honor to be able to participate in Korea’s second rendition of ‘Mozart!’. To me, ‘Mozart!’ is more than just a musical. I will work hard to make it a performance audience members can feel more familiar with.”

When asked what was different from the first round of performances, Director Yoo Hui Sung stated, “We received more love than we expected last year. We’re working hard to recreate last year’s grandeur, at least to repay those who showered us with love. We’ve fixed any lyrics or lines that were a problem in the first round,” and “We’ve changed some of the lyrics to help the flow of the overall piece. There were some things we needed to fix and we’ve corrected these errors.“

‘Mozart!’ will be playing at the Seongnam Arts Center’s Opera House till July 3rd.

Source: tv report via dongbangdata