Friday, January 21, 2011

King of patterns - leoprint

There are many patterns on clothes. Stripes, florals, geometric, polka dot, abstract, image, calligraphic, and animal.
And leoprint.
We all are aware of the horror called JGS in leoprint (I don't know where the fault lies this time, ekhem, haters gonna hate, yeah, yeah). Then this pecular pattern started to appear everywhere. Secret Garden was full of it. It's even in Queen of Reversals now, but I barely see it. Well, I do, but in some scenes, ekhem...
So I did a small research and I noticed that european streets are full with clothes with leoprint. Scarves, handbags, shoes, gloves, and hats. And I took pictures to prove that.
Few celebrity pictures (cover your eyes, it hurts, hurtssssss):

Latest disaster:

And as I promised, proof:

Will be back with more. I bet.