Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Korea and drugs

   Web is abuzz. Netizens don't know how to react - either put G-Dragon to hell or forgive him. There are comments that make me giggle like: "Oppa didn't mean it!". Oh yes, butterfly princesses, he DID mean it! I won't believe he didn't know what he was smoking, he probably thought he could get away with that. So maybe this is why he cut his hair short. Ekhem...
The story?
According to investigators, G-Dragon had smoked marijuana sometime in the middle of May this year, and had taken a drug test in July. Although the results had come back negative with an initial urine test, further tests overturned that decision, and he had confessed at the time that he had been taking the drug at a Japanese club when he had visited the country for a concert.
“I smoked a cigarette that someone had given me at a club,” G-Dragon said. “The smell was somewhat different from that of a regular cigarette so I was slightly suspicious that it was marijuana, but it is true that I smoked it,” he said.
According to investigators, since the amount of marijuana was so small and G-Dragon had no prior offences, they decided to give him a warning.

KBS, MBC, and SBS officially announced that “appearance sanctions [against G-Dragon] will not be made.”
To start, KBS and MBC have confirmed that they will not be imposing any restrictions on G-Dragon. A representative of KBS stated, “Kwon Ji Yong‘s indictment is currently suspended and thus he is not standing before the law. Consequently, imposing a restriction would be difficult.”
MBC also announced, “We could talk about appearance restrictions, but opening a whole conference is not yet decided. We would usually open a meeting if it were civil or criminal cases, but when a case’s indictment is suspended, we normally will not open one.”
SBS also came out with similar announcements to KBS and MBC, stating that chances of restricting G-Dragon’s TV appearance would be low.

  And my short rant. They released news now? Even though the results came out in July? Since the crime he committed was really low (he just smoked but not inhaled, I bet), no punishment only slap on the wrist.
I'm not against GD, no no, but this is unfair treatment. Jihun was indicted for possessing, but there was no proof he ever took them. And as the consequence, he was banned from TV broadcasts.
JYJ are being banned just because they exist.
2011 is such an eventful year in Kpop, hehe.

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