Monday, November 01, 2010

Music for a beautiful November

  Month started in full sunshine. The windows of the apartments on the other side are reflecting unusually blue sky. November is sad. This month has "inborn" sorrow. This is why I have shivers whenever Mary Reilly sings in Man in the Rain: How's it feel when there's time to remember?
Branches bare, like the trees in November.

But this year's Novemeber started beautifully^^
   This is why I was happy when I got new Casker album, Tender.
And what can I say? Caskerish pop with bossa nova and eerie vocal of Lee Yungjin. Good, soothing album, not a groundbreaking in the music industry, but I stopped to look for those after Freddie Mercury died.
On this album also Lee Juno started to sing more^^
This is why three of these songs are already on my playlist. The Hidden Track, Regrets, and  네게 간다 (Piano ver.).
Depends on what you are looking in the moment, but released at the end of October, fifth album of Casker is worth listening, if not as the full album, then at least in parts.
The link for the album: