Friday, October 14, 2011

Protect the Fluff

   This is not going to be one of my (in)famous reviews that take 40 pages. It's rather a short post about the drama I finished (yey!) two days ago and enjoyed to the last episode. This is this kind of drama I watch not for a particular actor/actress but for the premonition that it would be fun. And it was. It was wacky, unpredictable (in some cases) and cute story. A drama about few people and how their lifes changed.
Nothing new, huh?

   Perhaps the main topic of this drama would be "friendship" and maybe after that would be "love". Or maybe few more other topics. Actually this drama pokes at both drama cliches and social problems as well. While watching the last, happy, fluffy episode I had this thought: "Good, more dramas like this and maybe real life could change a bit too, since people believe TV so much". Of course we knew from the start who will end up with whom, but it's not the point. The cast made it really easy to watch and to cheer for every character.

   The description from wiki doesn't reveal all the funny layers to it:
No Eun Seol finally gets a job as a professional secretary at a large conglomerate after struggling with unemployment, only to fall in love with her boss, Cha Ji Heon, the immature youngest son of a chaebol family. 
Let's start a bit on the story then. No Eunseol is a young, lively woman who uses her fist before her head, but she's not that stupid. Her main disadvantage is her background - she graduated from the third-rate University. And here we touch the first social problem - the bias towards those who can't flash everywhere the diploma of main Uni in Korea. They are ostracized and looked upon as "lesser humans", not worthy to be bothered with. Yet, she's smarter than those secretaries who speak two languages. They lack what she has in abundant amount - personality and normality. She's always alert, because she's always struggled in life (bank account that is always not enough filled) and she didn't grow up under the protective glass tent.

   After a brawl with her former employers (gangsters, yes) she ended up throwing her fists and accidentally Cha Jiheon appeared so she usd him in her fight, leaving him bruised and shocked.
To his surprise (horror?) she was scouted as his secretary by his very own cousin Cha Muwon, originally planning to use her as his spy, but in fact, he got a bit interested in this D'Artagnan-like lady.
And the rocky road began. Both men fell for her, and the change in their personalities started to appear. Muwon ended up dead drunk few times and Jiheon started to control his anxiety disorder.

Hence the title
   Sounds like a usual Kdrama, right? But how many dramas have main male character, a jaebol son, as wimpy, childish idiot with tons of insecurity issues? Usually jaebol heir is arrogant jerk who changes after falling for a lady. Here, the one who wears the trousers, is Eunsol. One point against Kdrama cliches.

   The family. The family was portrayed with a pinch of humor, but in the same time they showed greed for power and money. It wasn't all that serious like in Midas, but rather in a comedy way (catfights between Muwon and Nayun mothers were just priceless), evil mothers were just comically evil, and they behaved like middle-schoolers when scolded by Allmighty Grandma (played by Kim Young-Ok, and she's great).
Jiheon's father wasn't also typical Kdrama father, blending both comical elements and serious acting in a great manner.
Second lead. It wasn't also typical second lead, who's longing for his object of desire under the pale moonlight, creeping out from a corner or stalking in the car. Muwon dated her openly, he clinged desperately being rejected many times. He was an active rival. Puppy face of Jae helped to feel sorry for him, I admit.

   Prejudices against one's background and profession exist in modern world everywhere, not only in Korea. And it's good this drama hinted on that. It didn't mean to be a social crusade against that, so it wasn't the main topic, condemnation of such treatment was shown nonetheless.

   Last, but not least - friendship. Ladies' friendship. Here, another rule of Kdrama was shattered. Usually "the other" woman is an obnoxious bitch not having a wink of sleep in order to destroy our main heroine. But here... how to describe it to not spoil the awesomeness of the concept? Seo Nayun run away from home and started to live with Eunseol and Myeongran in their tiny "tent". In fact, Nayun became my favorite character in this drama. Insecure, terrorized by her mother, dazed and confused young woman started to live on her own (well, not exactly) and grow up. I think Wang Jihye became my girl-crush thanks to this show.
I really liked how they portrayed those three ladies' relationship, they cheered for each other, sang 2NE1's song ("I'm The Best"), had fun and comforted each other. Or planned how to help Nayun to win Muwon back. This subplot I find the most interesting in this drama.

The cutest scene in ep 18
   Ji Seong was over the top, but I guess it's his style and also the character who was compulsive and emotional. His father (Park Yeong-Gyu) was great, I mentioned The Grandma, casting of Choi Gang-Hee as Eunseol was perfect choice, she's talented and natural enough to pull this kind of character. Jaejung suprised me positively, so I don't complain (although I mopped the floor with his "acting" in the past, true), evil mothers were hilarious, and all other characters both lovable or detestable (slimy Ahn Nae-Sang) in a distinctive way.
Music? Oh well, it's a rom-com, I don't expect much from such OST, and no, I don't like Jaejung's song for it, he can do better.
Plus, who can forget memorable elevator scenes?

We all need some derp in our life *^o^*

All in one - I don't regret watching this. Will I watch it again? Perhaps, to cheer myself up. Good fluff is not bad. And it's rare.