Sunday, October 23, 2011

3rd Generation Hallyu Idols, Infinite

I was about to shut the internets, but damn, this is just too good to not to post.
Hamster leader, please, have some ointment for yer eyes and ears, those girls you mentioned can't sing a note. And even I dance better! (* a moment for some naughty fantasies*...)
And yes, I just love the hint of sarcasm they can throw here and there, without fangirls noticing, I bet^^
I just love how humble they are. Just love it.


‘3rd Generation Hallyu Idols’, Infinite, have set out towards their senior’s stronghold.
After showing their first showcase in July, they had great success with their solo concerts in Osaka and Yokohama with 10,000 people in the audience. It’s a rare amount of audience members for a group that hasn’t even officially debuted there. They’ve been continuing on their glowing path in Korea like the new generation of top singers should. After making the summer hot with their first official album’s title song, ‘Be Mine’, Infinite won the Mutizen award on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ with their repackage album’s title song, ‘Paradise’. These actions are definitely more eye-catching amongst other boy groups who debuted around the same time.

Infinite revealed, “It was our first Japanese performance but we were completely shocked when we heard that it was sold out for each of the 4 days. Although we have a lot of lacking points, we want to have large dreams in large waters.”

Q: Did you end your Japanese solo concert with great success?
: “It’s really fascinating because this is before we sell our album. I performed with a thankful mind for it being sold out for each of the 4 days. We had confidence in performing. We decided to unleash everything we had so that our sweat for this wouldn’t go to waste.”

Q: An audience member that stays in your memory?
: “These fans were completely dressed in our clothes with our hairstyles. We never had our clothes stolen nor did we sell them, so I was fascinated on how they got them. It was a fun experience to see the imitation of Infinite while singing on stage.”

Q: An episode during your Japanese promotions.
: “It’s an episode where we didn’t do anything except performing and practicing. Because our repackage release and Japanese concert promotions overlapped, we had to even borrow a practice room in Japan. We practiced in our hotel room and the hallways as well. One time, we were dancing in our hotel and the security man kept staring at us. It was embarrassing.”

Q: What are your plans for promoting in Japan?
: “We plan to reveal our first Japanese single, ‘BTD’, on November 19th. ‘BTD’ was known for its scorpion dance in Korea and received love from a lot of people. I think that we’ll be able to show our colors well. I heard that our first concert was being aired on the 29th on TBS.”

Q: You went up to first place on a public broadcast music program with ‘Paradise’.
: 500 days have passed since our debut. It’s a long time and a short time all at once. We were so touched that we celebrated by eating Bossam (T/N: a broiled pork dish eaten with various things like cabbage leaves and kimchi) and duck meat at Mokdong. And our CEO let us drink some soju for getting 1st place. Haha.”

Q: Your seven faces were photoshopped together to make an average of all them and that became a hot topic.
: “Someone said that we looked like Han Hyojoo senior. Truthfully, I brought down the average. Because my eyes are quite small, it’s hard to get a ‘statue-like face’ if you average in my face. But I added in more character to the average of our faces. And L, with his big eyes and large nose, raised up the average. Haha.”

Q: You guys are the front-runners with airport fashion.
“Truthfully, we think about it a lot. We think about it for almost the whole night before we go to the airport. Starting from picking out our clothes, we also need to pick whether or not we’ll wear it when we go and when we comeback. Even after I set it out, I worry a lot about if I matched it well or not. It’s lucky that none of our styles overlap because each of the members have their own distinct personalities.

Q: Do you ever share eye contact with girl group members?
: “Although they’re all really pretty and cute, we’ve never thought of them more than that. We don’t even have enough practice time, so there’s no time to be interested in them. There’s also the fact that our emotions have been buried away because we haven’t dated in so long. I’ve also been noting the recently debuted group, Chocolat. It’s amazing how they dance while adding in harmonization in live performances.”

Q: What do you do during breaks?
: ”We chat among our members. Starting from talking about things that go on in the household, we also have a lot of interest in other people’s love lives. Recently, the news about Steve Jobs was a hot topic. Isn’t he the idol for those in their twenties? We heard that he finished 4 years worth of work before passing away; it looks like we still have a long way to go. Because even tomorrow is a worry for us.”

Q: The largest change after 2 years since your debut?
: ”I think the quality of our dorms changed the most. It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve moved, but the house has definitely gotten wider. It’s a new apartment that has a very particular way to get from the 1st floor to our door. Also, the amount of people that know us and love us have increased a lot.”

Q: Your appearance on ‘Immortal Song 2’ is quite large.
: “I’m clenching my teeth while doing it with the thought of not wanting to embarrass the members. It was difficult at first because I was trying to get used to it, but now I know how to enjoy myself on stage. Even the PD-nim said, ‘It’s fun to see you grow because you improve quickly’. I’m immersed into it to the point where I listen to music in the bathroom and practice. Because I sang so loudly in the dorms, they even gave me my own room.”

Q: The goal of Infinite as singers?
: “We want to do music for a long time. We want our music to be approved not just by girl fans, but from people of all ages. Also, we want to work hard to inform people about K-pop, just as much as our seniors have paved the road for us. After seeing a booth for Infinite at a record shop in Japan, I gained responsibility. I made a firm decision to not do anything embarrassing while being in Japan.”

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; ilgan sports ; take out with full credits