Thursday, October 06, 2011

Kim Yeongcheol on Mun Chaewon and Park Shihu

   This is my another translation of the short recapitulation of the interview with Kim Yeongcheol who plays Grand Prince Suyang (King Sejo) where he talks about the story and two leads in this story.
I'm not a butthurt fan, and I don't curse older, more experienced actors when they point out weak points of my other actors. I can pinpoint the very same problems. And -omo!- those criticized actors don't cry their eyes out, but work, work, work. Oh well, PSH doesn't have 25 years of "acting experience" as The Diva has so... And probably this was the reason why I didn't like the Iljimae (among other issues I had with this drama) - it was this feel that PSH was so out of place there. Even in TPM he did need few episodes to become Joseon man. But he did.

The 'melo' part in the early episodes of The Princess' Man was weak. However now the gripping romance of Kim Jeongso's son and Suyang's daughter is perfectly entwined with Grand Prince Suyang's thirst for political power.
Kim Yeongcheol met with Herald on 28th and talked about "Gongnam" that is not typical history but focuses rather on the romance part and how the opening of this drama was rather weak.

"Mun Chaewon initial acting was bad. But she improved a lot up to this day, and reached the maximim. Looks like she understands the acting better now, and has her own "late response" style. Seryeong character was at first bright. She wasn't all that bratty and had to show her feminine side, yet her character was also rebellious. Anyway her acting improved."

Now about Park Shihu. "Through his solid acting it's perceivable that he's a good man. At first, he was slightly disconnected from the story, but around episode 8-9, he immersed his all into it. I thought that this is what makes a main character."

He continued: "Seung-yu is a diffiult character. He was supposed to be presented both as scholar and then revenge obsessed beast. However Park Shihu did a good job with wrapping himself with this character which also attracted the viewers. He built the reliance on his own skills to create the main character. He has the strong modern "feel" around him and he's smart. Since wish for love or revenge was written "in small print", he had to transform it himself. I think he will become a great actor."

As Grand Prince Suyang, I can't approve the marriage of Seryeong and Kim Jeong-so's son. It would be good if those two could run away and lead the happy life in some seclusion just because of the impossibility to appreciate Seung-yu. And maybe to help those two to live. However, me as Kim Yeongcheol I understand Seryeong. At this age, probably I would have loved exactly the same.

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This time yes, I had some problems with the 5th paragraph of it. Did my best.

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