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TPM - writers

   This time, what writers have to say about the drama and the cast. As we know (or maybe not), this drama had two writers, one that wanted to focus on the revenge and Seung-yu as the main axis, the other - love story and Seryeong. We got a lovely caesura after the harsh kidnapping and the story went more romantic from that moment on, and Seung-yu showed yet again his change (good thing he didn't develop split personalities).


"As we felt, Park Shihu was an actor ready to make preparations for the role. He grew marvelously during this drama. As for Mun Chaewon, she had impeccable image perfect for Seryeong and was beautiful till the end." Two writers of The Princess' Man, Jo Jeongju and Kim Wuk shared their praise toward both leads through the drama 3-months run.

They stated: "Although visuals are important to this kind of drama, the compatibility of both leads is what's more important. When we were shooting episodes 7-8, both of them were already deeply involved and our only problem was to write the scenario properly as to incresae the tension."

First about Park Shihu writer Kim said: "Frankly, I didn't expect anything big, but after what I witnessed I realized what kind of actor he is. There is fairly lot of actors who could play Seung-yu however for a usual actor this character would be too difficult to process. But Park Shihu acomplished it, what relieved me." He added lifting his thumbs up. 

Writer Jo added with praise: "When I watched how Seung-yu strangled Seryeong in his madness, I was in shock. Up to this moment I have never witnessed anything close to Park Shihu's acting in this very scene."
"I was anxious about little things, like - I will write "He emanated the feelings as if he was born again" thinking of how he could portray this. But his expression right before the horse riding at the ending was a masterpiece. His smiling face was radiating with soft gentleness."

About Mun Chaewon both writers were univocal - she fitted the role perfectly.

Writer Kim said: "She was pretty, pure and kind."
Writer Jo added: "Hanbok really suited her. At first we had some discussions about the initial episodes, but with time she portrayed Seryeong really good.

They both recollected also feelings about Seung-yu and Seryeong's tragic love.

Writer Jo said: "We included the love story of Princess Gyeonghye and Jeong Jong, but since their very existence was sad, it didn't take much effort to write it. Hong Suhyeon and Lee Minwu are both good actors as well. On the other hand, both Seung-yu and Seryeong until the rebellion grew up in wealthy families without any problems, so twisting their love with tragedy was more challenging and required more effort." And about Lee Sunjae (played Kim Jeong-so) and Kim Yeongcheol (played Grand Prince Suyang): "Words are useless here. They  carried this drama. But due to lack of time, it's too bad Prince Suyang didn't have enough of spotlight."

 Writer Kim added: "From the survey we did through the historical documents, it was obvious that Prince Suyang was a bad man. But terrifying and huge in the same time. We wanted to show his merciless side more but we didn't have enough time for this."

Writer Jo said: " We wanted to delve more into his human weaknesses, from the psychological point of view, unfortunately couldn't because of the time. He saw a lot of blood, and this is why he was anxious, and this is why became cruel, but this is another, sad point of view. We hinted that in the latter half, and maybe if he received a little bit of love he wouldn't be that bad?"

Moreover, both of the writers agreed: "The cinematography and music for the drama was fabulous and totally conveyed all of the emotions."

"The sinking of the ship, clothes, fightings - all this didn't impress much in the scenario, but seeing that in motion was super. I think we achieved something great." - writer Kim was happy.

To commemorate the success of the drama, both of the writers with staff on Oct 17th. are going to Guam as the award.

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