Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Diva Goes to Hollow Wood

Stay still and don't move. Maybe he won't bite...

   Oh please, by any means, go go. 
I just came back from work, somehow excited with my students progress and, I don't know, feeling this strange vibration of joy for an unknown reason, being caught by rain (au contraire - it was I who caught rain by surprise, haha!, because I had my umbrella ella ella e... damn it) and then - what awaited me? Paradise repackage album! I wasn't expecting it at all because I calculated it would arrive in November (yeah, need to restart on my math I guess). Anyway, after starting my pc, I checked regular websites, KNG - still in the army, nothing changed, PSH - still flawless, nothing changed, Yucheon - blabbering about fishing, nothing changed, Infinite - infinitely worthy, nothing changed. After reading the translation on their fan page that I will provide in the next post, I decided to write something about something... someone. Whoops.
My dear bitch friend Orion made a post about that as well, and I was hesitant to taint my blog with that, but reading what those 7 boys have to say I decided I will unleash some hell as well (that even makes me rhyme, maybe I should leave that depressing research mess and become a poetess?).

   Korea is too small for The Diva. More precise - for Diva's Ego. I do get the joke when it is said once or twice, but saying something for two years straight (oh hell, this word here) makes the joke stale, lame, you name it. and I do have a right to criticize a public persona, a celebrity. I can point out their acting and I can point their fashion sense (or lack of thereof) and I can point out their sentences. This is what researchers do, right? We quote someone and argue, we say:"oh man, Mr. XY is totally not right in his theories and he based them on wikipedia articles or what?". Yes, so we can mock celebrities' statements.
The Diva is so active lately I'm afraid to open the closet, cause she he may be hidden there (hmm... or maybe not, my clothes are fashion backward, they look normal). This way, there is a lot to read, and lots of occasions to laugh. And I mean - laugh. 
"I will step over being the prince of Asia and go to Hollywood", he said. "You think I won't make it to Hollywood?"
Oh yes, you will. Hollow Wood just needs another unidentified profession person, neither actor, neither singer. Being versatile is good, but not paying much attention to the quality makes the versatility simply mediocre. So what if you can act, sing, shake your a$$, if every one of these things is below any standards?
Don't get me wrong, I WILL watch the movie, and I WILL watch the first episode of a drama. Actually, this drama is The Diva's dream come true - he will play 2 characters (the same guy, two different decades), omg, how can such heaven exist?

And more from the fountain of wisdom:
About the release of the new movie You Pet: "This movie was something that couldn't have been done if it wasn't for me".
Of course, director, PD, other actors, writers are just unworthy to be even mentioned in the credits. Or maybe The Shining Light of Asia will allow for one common line, maybe: "oh yes, there were some unimportant others". Poor, poor Kim Haneul.
"Unlike most actors who just wave their hands lightly, Jang Geun-seok enjoyed their screams and yells. He turned around and threw flying kisses everywhere and was very playful. As he escorted the actress sitting behind him, the yells got louder.
Even at the 'Actors Night' the day before, he couldn't control himself. An event official said, "He did the shuffle and loved the atmosphere".

This is how a respectable actor behaves. Don't cry, Princess, that no one respects you. Just shuffle among your unicorns and eels in a mirrored ballroom. Yes, he doesn't care about his image at all.
Oh yes, and the bodyguards (he was the only one who had them, not even Rain, not even Jang Dong Gun, or others had, but..) "One of the star managers said, “there were also Jang Dong Gun and Song Hye Gyo at the same hour but only Jang Keun Suk was with bodyguards. We are guessing there was a special order from his parents who are personally managing him.”

Why am I even writing this? I decided to write about this, so that people see that there are those who are annoyed by his arrogance and self-praising. There is a rhyming saying in my country: "Mom!! Being praised!! By whom? You by me, me by you." (I know, in English it doesn't rhyme, meaning - I guess you get the meaning).

More quotes almost begging to make them into tattoo (the best place - forehead):