Thursday, October 06, 2011

TPM - The End

Dear TPM staff!

  I'm writing this a minute after the last episode ended, so some sentences may seem incoherent. Thank you for wonderful 12 weeks. Thank you for presenting the story that is universal to every one living in distant times and distant places. Thank you that I didn't have to use fast-forward button even once. Thank you that you upheld my faith in a good sageuk without useless plotholes, flat characters and annoying twists. Thank you for the cast you assembled that brought us closer to emotions of people long gone. Thank you for reminding us that the power of Macbeth and R&J is still alive deep in our minds. 
And thank you for giving me a heart attack five minutes before the ending. That was an intense blow right into my face, so I started to choke on my own tears.
After that I cried because I don't regret spending over 25 hours with this drama. 
Sincerely yours,


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