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TPM - cast thoughts

   Actually I didn't plan to "officially" release this short article because it's nothing new. It has five main actors speaking a bit about their characters and favorite scenes. That's all. Article is around one week old, I guess, but can't verify this (and have absolutely no will to do it).
Forgive me any typos, unlike other translations I wrote not in Word, as usually everything, but directly here.


The latter half of 2011 may be described as "TPM syndrome", "TPM boom" as drama The Princess' Man was the hot topic. As it ended with a "happy ending", we gathered some opinions from the main actors about their the most memorable scenes.
   From the first episode until the very last, drama was characterized with sensuous cinematography and stunning development, filled with great performances and unforgettable scenes. This is The Princess' Man. Both leading actors who showed remarkable immersion into their roles share with us some glimpses on most memorable moments.
   "The Perfect Joseon Man" who changed into violent 'dark Seung-yu' was played by Park Shihu who, as his most memorable scenes has chosen: swings (in episode 3), drowning of the ship and escaping from the ship's convoy.
The swing scene remains as the conclusive one when Seung-yu stole Seryeong's heart (me: and not only hers, dammit!). 'Ship-turned-grave' scene although visually stunning was one of the hardest and those both traits combined make it one of the most vivid. 

   Seryeong also changed perfectly from the pure girl into determined young woman. Mun Chaewon presented her favorite scenes saying: "In those scenes, Seryeong's love is in its the most intense moments, making the heart ache, even without acting". She was describing two scenes in ep 14, first when Seryeong embraced insane with rage Seung-yu, and the second one - when she blocked the arrow with her own body.

Those got also lot of comments as well from others.
   First, Park Shihu who played Kim Seung-yu who, amidst political whirlpool, maintained his strong and beautiful love: "As it was my first time to play the title role, I felt pressure upon me. However, I feel honoured I could meet with revered seonbaenim, other actors, highly talented staff, also thanks to viewers of this great series, and I would be happy if this work could remain in the memory of everyone. It was also a big endeavour for me to grow up as an actor."

  Then Mun Chaewon who played Seryeong protecting their love with Seung-yu: "The shooting consummed lot of time. Rather than being the work about ups-and-downs of certain individuals, it is boiling with affection. At the sheer thought that it ended I feel sad, and parting with the fellow crew is a bit harsh."

    Hong Suhyeon who played deprived the position by Suyang, ill-fated Princess Gyeonghye: "Throughout the shooting I became Princess Gyeonghye, and as times were becomming more and more harsh for me, the support of viewers made me really happy.

   Lee Minwu who played Jeong Jong said: "I'm extremely happy i could play this character. Even though there were days without any sleep, in constant pain, it's nothing, I'm happy. I'm filled with gratitude towards writers, director, technical staff, fellow actors and viewers."

    Song Jeongho who played Shin Myeon stated: "I tried my all to present the reasons for Shin Myeon's behavior. I feel a little bit uneasy to let it go so clearly. I  amd grateful to everyone I encountered here."

    Much loved by everyone* series The Princess Man aired the grand finale of the gripping story of the ultimate love of Seung-yu and Seryeong thrown into tumultous whirlpool of politics.

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* everyone - in original: 남녀 노소 (男女老若, namnyeonoso) originally a word of Buddhist provenance, depicting all mankind - old, young, men, women.

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