Friday, October 21, 2011

Kim Namgil interview

   It's not new, of kors, so don't panic. The man is still in the military, but as I was cleaning my folder with various flv vids, I found this one, so I thought I'd share it as well. It's a marvelous mixture of Korean and Japanese and I'm kind of amazed it all makes sense, because he starts the sentence in Japanese and ends it with Korean or messes it up in other cute way.

   What's the occasion for the interview? Queen Seondeok airing in Japan. The interview was conducted around shooting of Bad Guy, and as the man himself confessed, all words he learned then were swearing words. And few others like "nantoka", "nandatte", keke. He mentioned also the fact he wanted to visit onsen and this was the moment when my (hurting) head split into pieces. Good job, good job.
Also Goodbye Sorrow (Solo) was mentioned as the drama where every character was hurting and he mentioned his own character that was hurt and hurt others in the same time.
At the end he expresses the wish to cheer up on him as he will be playing other characters.

And some personal opinion - sometimes I don't get this man. He starts with such derpy face that I doubt he can spell his own name, goes through perfectly logical explanation, then goofing around, but ends as if he was hit with the heaviest world disasters. Just...