Saturday, October 15, 2011

Immortal Song 2 weekly report

   I may make this my weekly routine, because this episode was just so damn good. Ali made audience cry (seriously, there was a lady who cried, maybe some memories with the song?), Hong Kyeongmin put everyone in awe, and Wuhyeon did his best. Unfortunately, the line-up is really, really hard.

I wrote about this performances someplace else already, and as this episode was "in memory of Kim Kwang Seok", I wanted to believe they would include one of my favorite Korean songs ever. And they did. And, to make matter worse, they gave it to Wuhyeonnie (I like that, I steal it, OK?). So now, whatever he does, I will be always on his ship. Till the end.
"But I Loved You" is the song that made me love Mr. Hong Kwangho unconditionally, this song brought me to Oh Manseok, it was the first Korean song I learned. So I'm over-emotional while listening to it. And I'm always singing along. Except for when I'm outside, so that people won't stare. Plus, it's really beautiful and sad song.
The difference is that Mr. Hong's version is powerful, because he's the singer that is aware fully of his capabilities, and Wuhyeon rendition sounds like never-spoken first love confession.

I present only those who caught my attention, of course. And, contrary to some other people out there, I don't find Davichi perf that good.

Hong Kyeongmin - The Painful Love is not Love:

Nam Wuhyeon - But I Loved You:

Ali - Where the Windward: