Saturday, October 29, 2011

Junsu in new musical

   For the love of kyaa! This boy has chosen the right path for him, and the right musical. Oh damn, now I'm so excited to watch it (as fancams I guess over my friendly black hole youtube). He did have the "Elisabeth" highlights parts on that "Levay With Friends DVD oncert", but but...

From allkpop:

JYJ‘s Junsu will be making a musical comeback alongside Ock Ju Hyun and Song Chang Ui through ‘Elisabeth‘.
Starting February 9th, Junsu will be playing the role of ‘Tod’ (‘Death’) for a total of three months until May 13th at Samsung Electronics Hall in Seoul.
Junsu’s character falls in love with Elisabeth, an empress who yearns for freedom. Since he represents ‘death’, his character firmly believes that the only person who can free his love from the misery she feels is to lead her to death.
Junsu has a history of selling out his past projects like ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Heaven’s Tears‘; additionally, he won the popularity award at the ‘5th Musical Awards‘. As such, officials are looking forward to seeing what achievements he’ll rake in this time around.
Kim Sun Young and Ock Ju Hyun have been double cast for ‘Elisabeth’. The rest of the cast includes Kim Soo Yong, Choi Min Chul, Park Eun Tae, Kim Seung Dae, and more.

Junsu and Park Euntae... omg...
And I disagree with some fans saying he doesn't fit the role just because the Death part demands low notes, Junsu has been working hard on improving his lower scale of voice, so I just give him the credits. Plus, in "Tears in Heaven" he sang in low notes and he was good.
Weird thing with Junsu is... he does can carry the whole musical, but wasn't able to shoot his 5 minutes' cameo in Scent of a Woman.  Poor boy^^

The teaser:

Elisabeth - Levay With Friends:

And Highlights from the same stage (The Last Dance):