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Kim Yeongcheol on Park Shihu

   Kim Yeongcheol: "I realized why Park Shihu was the hero".
That's the title of the translated article below. If it wasn't for other things that kept me far from TPM and articles, all would be ready by last Thursday, but well, I'm no happy student that can neglect the homework. Plus, it got really cold here and my fingers are numb (sniff...), need some hawt body to warm them up.
Oh, to just warn everyone - you may not like some of this man's statements. Being honest is apparently equal to being rude and insulting people. So I read.


Kim Yeongcheol: "I realized why Park Shihu was the hero".

    "At first he seemed very reserved in front of 200 members of the crew. But with time I realized I mistook him. He bloomed into human being. This is why I realized why he was the main character of this drama." Kim Yeongcheol, who plays Grand Prince Suyang in TPM, was not the only one in his constant praising for Park Shihu (Kim Seung-yu).
   In his latest interview he said: "I admit I misjudged him. I thought he wouldn't be able to be a passionate man, so I looked a bit down on him, but after some time I realized I made a mistake."
   " One day we were about to start shooting, but he wasn't on stand-by. I do not like this kind of situations so I disciplined him in the middle of the standing people. I was sure he would avoid me now for all cost, but it wasn't the case. He apologized, and did a great job after that. I thought he's a really good-hearted guy. He's very human. He got in contact with members of the crew one by on and befriended everyone without prior reservation. Although I wondered how can he be the main hero of the story, after that I realized why exactly it had to be him." - ended with a smile.
   Park Shihu added: "Although in the story we play enemies, but on the film plan it was Kim Yeongcheol seonsaengnim (선생님)  from whom I earned a lot acting-wise, and he took care of me as well." Through this drama both men tied their friendly relationship.
   On the other hand, Kim Yeongcheol said: "Lately, lot and lot of young actors do nothing except for looking into the mirror constantly and are unable to get into shooting directly, hence the amount of NGs. On top of that, they don't have basis, and can't do nothing more than staring during the shooting without any recognition of the atmosphere. Whenever I see it, I scold, this is my part as their seonbae, right?"

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seonsaengnim (선생님) - teacher, master
seonbae - (선배) - older collegue