Saturday, October 29, 2011

Immortal Song 2 - weekly report

 Oh, OK, can't make sense because of Namstar's first win. He lost in the next round, but judges were also favorable on his performance so I can go eat my dinner as a happy woman.
Too much of Infinite lately? So?
Update: Inspirits are tireless, so all Namstar's cuts with eng subs are already out, so I'm adding. The cute reaction to winning gratis^^



Oh how I like his lower of low notes...
Poor little darling, all he needs is dancing. Well, sleeping and relax won't be bad either.

Of kors, Ali:

Hongki looks weirder by the day, but anyway:

Shin Youngjae (from 4 Men), his vocal will always be connected to Family's Honor drama for me, hehe.

Here, the eng subs:

Oh boy, damn, love him on stage^^

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