Tuesday, October 04, 2011

JYJ drama episode ??

   I thought I had classes today but I'm stupid and didn't look carefully. So I'm back to being mean. Oh yes, did I make few other people cry into their unicorn pillows? I'm sooo sorry. 

JYJ Drama Episode ??
In the previous episode: KBS banned song "Pierrot" claiming that P.S.M. stands for President Lee Soo Man and this is just a personal attack. Cliffhanger left us with WTF faces of the trio.

   As soon as SBS and MBC cleared the JYJ songs as eligible for playing at their stations, KBS decided to remain faithful to SMEnt in its lonely crusade to destroy the heretics (that is JYJ). It was sunny October morning when The President of KBS in the dramatic announcement stated that JYJ can apply for the re-evaluation of their song.
Everything would be as just it should be, but out of the blue one Congressman Jun appeared (at Ministry of Culture Korea Communications Commission), almost as Deux ex machina and asked:
-- You banned JYJ’s ‘Pierrot’, citing reasons that ‘P.S.M.’ targeted a specific individual. What exactly are your standards?
KBS President, sensing the ground is in flames around, replied:
-- According to the review board, the lyrics that were deemed as problematic in JYJ’s ‘Pierrot’ was that ‘P.S.M.’ targeted a specific individual. JYJ’s representatives explained that it stood for ‘professional’, ‘success’, and ‘music’, but this explanation does not make sense, considering the overall meaning of the lyrics. Of course they can kiss my ass are welcome to submit the song again for re-evaluation.

   Congressman Jun wasn't convinced to this explanation at all (as every normal, sensible human being would be), and retorted without restraints:
-- Is KBS the spokesperson for Lee Soo Man? The person that wrote the lyrics clarified that it was not about him, why are you not believing that? Must you interpret P.S.M. to stand for Lee Soo Man?
President Kim, visibly shaken blabbered back without much sense:
-- The review board claimed that it was a common name to associate. I will ask that they interpret it with more flexibility.

   Meanwhile, menacing heretics had the interview with reporters, and of course they were asked about this sinister letters as well, and the main prophet who wrote them explained:
-- It’s weird that a song that’s not even our title track is worthy of being in the media headlines for not passing regulations, but it’s actually quite heartbreaking.  SBS actually asked us what ‘PSM’ meant, meaning that they’ll give us a chance even if it wasn’t okay to pass.  KBS, however, didn’t even give us that chance and just interpreted it however they wanted to, completely ignoring the creator’s intent.  That is so frustrating. -- sighed heavily and continued: -- PSM stands for ‘Performer’, ‘Success’, and ‘Museum’.  Everyone has a future and everyone hopes that their life can shine.  In order to accomplish that, however, they must borrow the strength of others since it’s not possible on your own.  They’re then physically taken advantage of by a museum that creates that success for you and at times you’ll find yourself acting something that you don’t want to do.  It’s a song about people that use innocent people that are only innocently searching for hope.

The last scene in this episode was Jaejung's words whispered in uncertain direction:
-- I still don’t keep in contact with Yunho and Changmin.  Please let us contact them.

Next episode preview:
Reminiscence of the scene when Changmin said once he wanted to punch them in the face... 

Translation in italics from allkpop, the rest is mine.

BTW. for thos who still have no idea what this is about:
Pierrot lyrics:
Oh~ Oh~~~~~~~~
난 너의 Pierrot 정말로 웃겨
Me, as your Pierrot, it’s really a joke
너에게 다 받쳐 찌들어
my mind getting it all from you, it dirty my mind
낸 눈 앞에 our bro 돈 앞엔 뭣도 없는
In front of me, my bro. in front of money, I’m nothing
완전한 넌 pro 제대로 p.s.m.
you’re a perfect pro, truly a p.s.m.
아직 어린 내께 또 무슨 짖을 하게 또
What kind of doings will you do to the me who is still young
이 더러운 손 좀 치워
Take away your dirty hands
상대도 하지마
Don’t even try to confront
어제의 우리가 아냐
we’re no longer the us from yesterday
눈 감아도 보여
I still see it even if I close my eyes
난 이제 master
I’m now the master
끝없이 파고 들어오는 건 no. no
delving like there’s no end no. no
그 정도 화보 따위에 가두려하지마
Don’t try to measure it up with fortune or misfortune for this extend
세상을 잘 봐. 너무나 멋져
Look properly at the world. It’s so beautiful
no. just do not touch me
I’m not a pierrot
더 넓은 하늘을 등지고 살고 싶어
I want to live under a wider sky
자류를 알고 싶어 더 높이 fly fly
I want to know the meaning of freedom. Fly fly much higher
나만의 새각이 있어
There’s only thoughts about myself
나만의 인생이 있어
There’s only my own life
감옥 같은 그 때 추억하기 싫어
I hate having to think about the days living in a prisoner cell
영원히 Bye bye bye
Forever Bye bye bye
너만의 그 생각 집어쳐
throw away those thoughts only of u
너의 그 핑계 집어쳐
throw away those excuses of yours
죽도록 더 고통스러운 날들로 가득할 테니까
because it will only be filled with those days of misery and pain
no future no freedom It’s just like a chase for us but it doesn’t matter
now we’re just gonna walk out way for the rest of my life