Saturday, October 08, 2011

Immortal Song 2 respawn

   I watched that show for... 3 weeks, and mah derp baby Jjongie left, so I just forgot about this. Last week NamWhore... I mean, Nam Wuhyeon started to appear and... and I watch the show again. And before anyone accuses me of pedo bias, I don't find him the best in this line up. The best is Ali. 

   Well, the fact that he doesn't sleep is not of any help to mah baby, and it's visible that he can't copy with being on the scene alone. Plus, although I find his voice as one of the best voices among idols, well, he got now extremely bad timing. There is Ali, Heo Gak, Hong Kyungmin and others. 
He won't stay long, as much as I know Kpop, because Big Dipper leaves for Japan to promote their album. And to fully develop, they need concerts, they need to be familiar with audience and stage. They don't have this. Oh well, as for the rookie group that they are, I feel proud nonetheless. It's a good experience for him to be with such talented singers.

So to spam you a bit:
Namwhore first apperance:

And the second from today:
but Ali...

Thank you^^