Monday, October 31, 2011

Winter Dramas

Not the happiest person here when winter is mentioned, but what can I do? Make some cocoa and hope that more hawt men will be on screen. 

I'm not joking when I complain about the winter here. I don't have heating in my flat. Actually, there is something that is supposed to produce some heat (except for me watching some ... ee... nevermind) but since it's 2 meters above the ground in the kitchen, the rest of my whole 20 sq. meters is left in cold. So yeah, it's pretty cold here.

Back to the topic.
I didn't add Gyebaek, because it's ending soon, and those dramas above will continue through the winter. I've put Ojakgyo Brothers on hold, this is why it's not here as well. I didn't include What's Up! as well for understandable reasons. This drama may be always cancelled or postponed, or just used instead of butter on a sandwich. I could add Padam Padam for one sharp-eyed sweetie but the script puts me off somehow.
I am fully aware that some other show may come in a way, but right now I'm keeping only with those.

Tree With Deep Roots - because it's sageuk. Fast, intense sageuk. It can't be otherwise since Jang Hyeok is in it, and he's somewhat a walking definition of "fast, intense sageuk". Remembering that Idiot Dongsu was also fast, intense sageuk sends shivers down my leg (oh, I should change the way I sit, yes, that's it...), so I may sooner or later promulgate the sageuk law - fast-paced not always ends up good (that applies also to life, Ori, no weird thoughts! Oh well, do what you want^^). Plus, Song Jungki in first episodes, the cherry on top...

Eyes of Dawn - huge epic drama, it took 3 years to make it, and the details are visible. It deals with many tentative topics, like comfort women, occupation, genocide on Far East, and friendship and love. Bitter as the life itself. Definitely not for everyone. Also, it's from 1991 so if anyone doesn't like old dramas (they are slightly different from modern ones), I advice you to watch Love Rides The Brain in 2012 (wait, there's no "brain" in this upcoming drama, only "rain" of fanservice, oh well).

A Thousand Kisses - I count those damned kisses, and I swear, if they don't make it up to 1000 I'm going to sue the PDs and writers. After few slow episodes now we are on the swing. Oh, reasons why I'm still watching it? Maybe realistically portrayed relationships? And maybe stone-dumb bottomlessly idiotic women that: 1) don't understand a word their brothers are saying, 2) cheat on a guy and come back after 4 years hoping he would receive her with open arms and build a temple to her glory.
I'm all in for WB/JY couple!

A Thousand Days' Promise - Kim Raewon. Enough of the reasons. First episodes were weird, as if the cast never met and had hard time adjusting one to another, but right now it's progressing really fast and nice. Characters act like normal people, talk like normal people (oh, poor netizens have problems with that as well). Did I mention Kim Raewon? Yes, I watched everything I could with this man, and I will continue with that even though I'd have to bleed with fury/whatever.

Vampire Prosecutor - because I'm a shallow nuna. I watch it for teh cutie. That's all. Crimes? Yeah, interesting. Reason why main prosecutor became vampire? Whatever. Not enough of teh cutie is more serious problem!