Saturday, October 22, 2011

KAU - Y U not in Hanguk?

   While having my head spinning by both fever and Rigveda analysis I decided to have a break and go through some standard websites.
Ji Seong adressed the issue we've been b*tchin for over... oh, I don't know - always, maybe? 
More actors should talk about this, because this is not one and not two dramas we are talking about. And, well, SBS is known for such actions, they did exactly the same with YAB, and they did the same with Bad Guy. He should be grateful if he's getting paid for that, cause some aren't that lucky.
Oh and KAU - Korean Actors Union is a non-existant unit in Korea, and they should form this.
Accidentally, "kau" in Japanese means "to buy" and it fits perfectly to the situation when TV Broadcast buys the actors and staff, and the audience buys the drama (and all that accompanies that). And we all buy sh*tload of TV promises and fake smiles of tired, exploited actors.
The article is below.


Ji Sung talked about his feeling for drama production proceeded by piece-by-piece scripts.

Recently Han Ye Seul left her drama set without permission and flew to America. Because of the happening, the poor drama production conditions of Korea, reminding of live broadcasting, came up to the surface as an issue, and people once tried to solve the problem.

Especially one of the staffs of SBS TV’s Protect the Boss, recently finished in many people’s favorable reviews and interests, revealed the fact that its last episode was filmed on the day of broadcasting through an online post, and this made many people feel worried and sad. Regarding to this, the main character Ji Sung said at the interview with TV Report, “we can’t even call Protect the Boss as a live broadcasting,”

He continued, “what we call the real live broadcasting happens when we wait for a piece of script on the set. When shooting All In and Swallow the Sun, I just did the shooting without knowing the whole plot. That makes nonsense. Everyone suffers from that. Because two episodes need to be filmed in a week, the actors can’t sleep,” explaining about the poor drama production conditions.

He added, “when shooting New Heart I had to be up all night for 30 days. There were a lot of surgery scenes in the drama, and we had to film for 24 hours for one surgery scene even thought it was aired only for 2 or 3 minutes. Two or three scenes were surgery scenes in two episodes so we spent 3 days for them. And then we had to shoot the rest for the rest of the week. Of course, we couldn’t sleep. How could you sleep when it wasn’t sure whether it could be aired or not? You might not be able to imagine, but it actually happens often.”

Ji Sung called this as “social ills created from too much dependence on ratings and internet development.” He also said it was unfortunate that there couldn’t be pre-shooting of drama. He said, “we don’t do pre-shooting because we can’t edit or re-shoot later once we do that. So we can never make high-quality dramas. It’s sad that we always have to depend on ratings.”

So he is very proud of Protect the Boss which didn’t depend on ratings too much. He said, “if we cared about ratings, we might have added a story that could stimulate the audience even if it wasn’t something nonsensical. However, we didn’t choose to do that and we proceeded the story as we planned at the beginning, and I want to give good grades on this drama for that. I think the director and the writer are great,”