Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's Up! - finally

   Oh, finally some movement in this department! Drama, that was postponed, cancelled, resurrected, cancelled again - is back in the market! Truth be told, I already drank at the wake of it but now I can drink with happiness. Finally a musical drama with older singers, actors and, tadaaam! - real musical singers. MBN (no knowledge of this broadcast yet) picked it up and scheduled to December.
I have special attachment to BB's Daesung, and of kors Oh Manseok, so yeshh, me iz watching.
Plus, you know, in this teaser below (yes, 1 year old) "This is the moment" from the musical "Jekyll & Hyde" makes my blood boiling with excitement. So kyaa for real musical arias!

Here, everyone is probably familiar with that (hello, Issy^^) but anyway: