Thursday, September 22, 2011

Song Jihyo's situation

   Uhm, allkpop is not that reliable source of news, but anyway... We all are probably aware of Song Jihyo's recent hospitalisation and health problems. Apparently her manager opened up about horrendous environment in dramas.
Sky is blue, ice is cold... what else is new?

Han Ye Seul‘s controversial disagreement over working conditions on ‘Spy Myung Wol‘ seems to have sparked a movement in the industry, as more and more stars (and their associates) have started to publicly express their complaints.
On September 21st, actress Song Ji Hyo‘s manager ranted on his Twitter about the poor conditions Song Ji Hyo was being forced to work under. As previously reported, she was hospitalized several times throughout the duration of her drama recordings for MBC‘s ‘Gyebaek‘; she even had to rush to the ER for breathing difficulties.
Song Ji Hyo’s manager wrote, “I’m seething now that I’m back at the film set again. They called in a sick person first and they’re not even ready yet.. The FD acts like he doesn’t care and just tells her to wait in the car for a bit.  They could’ve called us in at 10, but they called us in at 8.  They didn’t tell us anything about the schedule changes. Anger is burning inside of me.”
Song Ji Hyo was forced to return for filming even though she wasn’t completely recovered, adding to the severity of the situation.
Source + Photos: Star N News via Naver