Friday, September 23, 2011

Fangirls, y u have no brain?

The Ceiling Cat... eeh... Celestial Being
   To answer this gripping and academically written question - because if they had, they would evolve into normal fans. You know what atrophy is? Exactly, in case of fangirls it's a brain atrophy.

In yesterday's epiosode of Protect The Boss there was a scene that put tons of kyaagirls into nervous coma.

Depressed fangirls commented:
"wang ji hye sucks... bitch.., ugly duckly....,"(from Hancinema)
"OMoooooOOO…. andweeeeeee :( ((("
"I don’t like this scene so much…"
"My heart broken(T_T)(T_T)"
"Andwaeeeee oppa!!!!"
"I can’t be happy, it makes me sad….I’m so jealous….."
"No!!!!!!! Oppa ! I am speechless. Full of envy."

They are real, I didn't make this up. Seriously. Only one comment I got in mind: