Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Irrelevant list

   List that proves that people in Seoul are blind and deaf. Except for the first place in Singing category. Junsu wins hands down, and if he wasn't on the list, that would be kind of irritating (good that Jongie baby is there). Still, this poll was done among 1000 people, so it's irrelevant in my eyes.
No INFINITE on the list proves that.

1위 준수(34.4%) Junsu
2위 창민(26.2%) Changmin (2AM)
3위 종현 Jonghyun
4위 태양 Taeyang
5위 지오 GO
Uhmm... Taeyang... I won't be much of the original when saying that I rank Daesung higher? And GO... why no Seonggyu?

1위 지드래곤(50.7%) G-Dragon
2위 탑(21.5%) TOP
3위 용준형(14.6%) Yong Junhyung
4위 은혁 Eunhyuk
5위 옥택연 Taecyeon
TOP... oh pleeze, Yucheon is by far better rapper (Hoya?). TOP can't sing and his rap is so beton-like. Oh damn...

1위 박재범(21.5%) Jay Park
2위 은혁(17.3%) Eunhyuk
3위 유노윤호(18.4%) Yunho
4위 태양(15.4%) Taeyang
5위 이기광 Lee Ki Kwang
Again... no Infinite young men makes this list useless...

1위 지드래곤(36.5%) G-Dragon
2위 유노윤호(18.4%) Yunho
3위 이특(17.2%) Leeteuk
4위 윤두준(6%) Yoon Dujun
5위 조권 Jokwon
No Onew? No Seonggyu? Or, when talking about older groups, no Eric?

1위 지드래곤 G-Dragon
2위 용준형 Yong Junhyung
3위 정용화 Jung Yonghwa
Where is Yucheon or Jaejung?

1위 탑(64.5%) TOP
2위 택연(9.8%) Taecyeon
3위 용준형(9.4%) Yong Junhyung
4위 민호(9.3%) Minho
5위 박재범(7.3%) Park Jaebeom
Yeah, TOP and his alien charisma... The whole 5 here are scheduled to transplant.

Visual (looks)
1위 최시원(20.2%) Choi Siwon
2위 탑(16.3%) TOP
3위 재중(13.3%) Jaejoong
4위 지드래곤(12.4%) G-Dragon
5위 민호(11.1%) Minho
Facepalm again. No L?? Why TOP is so high? People out there have some "on top" syndrome or what?

1위 택연(28.3%) Taecyeon
2위 닉쿤(18.4%) Nickun
3위 박재범(17.2%) Jay Park
4위 이준 Lee Jun
5위 이기광 Lee Gikwang
I disagree with everything on that list. 

1위 조권(42.5%) Jo Kwon
2위 광희(18.4%) GwangHee
3위 희철(13.7%) Heechul
4위 윤두준, 이특(6.4%) Yoon Dujoon Leetuk
There is only one King (and Queen too) of variety and his name is Heechul. One and only. He IS the variety.