Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Park Shihu's metamorphosis

   What is the best way to spend a boring hour of consultations when no one is coming? Of course with your friendly uncle google. This may lead to short yet cute articles. I wrote cute, because this one I translated below is full with word "sexy" instead of many other synonyms, namely Park Shihu, just to start with. Ekhem. I would put that earlier, but my laptop's keyboard broke down finally and I was looking for some yesterday. Plus, my internetz run away from me also yesterday, and today... eh, better not to tell. I was given a week voucher for a fitness club by my friend, so I will work out all my stress there, ahaha!
Ekhem, back to normal state. Translated article is below.

   With each transformation of his character in the drama The Princess' Man, Park Shihu adds another way to emanate his charisma that enraptured viewers as "intense Seung-yu". 
   Kim Seung-yu is a man incinerated with his desire of revenge, yet he adds one layer of sexy beauty into it.
At the beginning of this drama he captured women's hearts as well mannered, pefect man of Joseon. But after witnessing his father's death, learning about his beloved Seryeong true identity and being betrayed by the best friend (Shin Myeon), he started to be consummed by both fury and madness.
   Viewers at first felt emotionally down with his dark image, but soon his character, burning with revenge, abundant with sexy intensity, snatched their hearts at will.
   His ice-cold hostility towards captured Seryeong in ep. 14 was displayed at the same time with irresistible charm. This pushed a lot of women into sleepless nights. Clad all black, with feelings of high susceptibility because of revenge, behavior of the killer, intensity galore and the low voice of this dark Seung-yu, all of these displayed his sexiness.
The viewers reactions were: "Lately I can't sleep because of Seung-yu", "Despite mask he overflows with sexiness", "There is no boundary for Seung-yu's charm".
   The Princes' Man crossed ratings over 20% and holds the first place among Wed/Thu dramas. It airs on Wed/Thu, 9:55 PM.

Translated by: © Ethlenn

I'm sorry it's so short and practically irrelevant to the story, but it was easy on the language level, and it took me not that much time. And I really can't track back the website I took this article from it. Sounds like Nate, but I'm not really sure now.
Forgive me, now I have to faint.