Sunday, September 04, 2011


   Oh, September 4th looks like a good day for a little bitchin'. I haven't done this in a while, so my mechanisms might have rusted a bit. Lemme check... yes, a bit on the "stupid side", yess... WTF also works, I just need some grease to make it work smoothly. And here we have all I need.
There is not that much things in Kpop that prompt my "bitch glands" to explode, actually. And this is something quite unusual for me. JYJ are quietly doing what they do best - not appearing on TV, mah other boys are doing just fine, SHINee released ultimately stupid j-version of Juliette (and I have no even the slightest will to slate this, not even Jongie baby saved that, it's a crap). So, in my Kpop sandbox everything is fairly normal.
This time - acting toybox.
Beware! Disturbing images follow!

   The news of someone undergoing plastic surgery in Korea is nothing new really, although some just defend themselves (no, neva!!), but their ugly noses say it all. Some don't make that big fuss about it, and admit - yes, I had the double eyelid or something else. Your body, your decision, I don't care as long as this makes you pretty in your own eyes. 

From Hancinema:
Actress Sin Eun-kyeong's before and after jaw correction is an issue.
Recently, Sin Eun-kyeong underwent correction surgery in a dental clinic and she explained, "I could be a good actress with a strong character but I wanted to be someone who could also perform a less strong character. I decided to receive correction so I might look much younger than I am now".
As the picture was revealed, netizens say, "You look so much younger", "Your character isn't there anymore", "You look very innocent and feminine", "I feel everyone is undergoing correction surgery not only for medical purposes".
Her management said, "She wasn't signed for any advertisements after the drama "
Flame of Desire" due to her strong character but as soon as she changed, there have been offers after offers".

Let me bitch a bit.
So now the level of someone's acting abilities is measured with CF amount? I know that some actors are not paid on time (hey, KNG, how are you?) or never, and they have most of their income from CFs. But to use this as the litmus paper to indicate one's popularity is stupid beyond words. This renders me just speechless.
Korea doesn't like strong women, me seems. Shin Eun-kyeong looked just fine, but had the image of a strong lady, not cutsy-stupsy airhead that is apparently the standard now. So she got no CFs offers. Then decided to underwent the surgery to make her jawline more smooth and girly. And now she looks ugly. Fine, I said that.
Oh damn, so disappointing.

   Other than that, poster for You Pet has been released and in today's Section TV I had the doubtful pleasure to listen exalted and cutsy-stupsy "wisdom words" coming from the second female lead, that is The Diva. The movie is described as risky and I advise all gods-have-mercy-on-them journalist to check the "risky" meaning in a dictionary before throwing this here and there along with "goddesses".
The poster is wrong on so many levels. Not to mention cute-turned-retarded face of the title pet (and not that kind of "retarded" I love) and his placement between Kim Haneul's legs. The movie is scheduled to November and I promise I will watch it. I wonder how many fanservices I will count in the firts 10 minutes. Oh, and me seems that the next 2 years the title pet will live off this image as he lives off YAB image now. He even came in a box for Section TV interview. I don't want to live on this planet anymore. This is "the serious approach"? Or did I miss something?

   Why I'm flaming so much about that? It's because I see many talented people out there who don't get this kind of attention and CFs (keke,) perhaps good thing, they don't advertise women make-up thingy at least. I'm afraid to open my broken fridge in fear of seeing hazelnut curls.
And funny thing, The Diva is popular throughout Asia, I know, she loves her eels and they love her long time, but I checked few japanese websites yesterday and in the last 2 weeks there have been no articles about her. So maybe there is some overstating somewhere? Just sayin'.

 End of bitchin'. For now...

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