Friday, September 30, 2011

Killer Girl K

   It's not actually a drama. It is classified as "TV movie", and it really is one. Truthfully, I really like series produced by Korean cable broadcasts (like CGV, tvN, E-Channel). They are more mature, brave, and not typical. Probably my first contact with such drama was Joseon X Files (yes, you have the good connotations - it is all about THEM, only better tied up, without 13th season and main actor having more than one facial expression), and I loved it from the first episode. Shot not in a typical clean-angle way, sometimes from hand, shaky, delirious and oneiric (see, my demoniac possession... I mean, demonology research pays off), captured my attention from the very start. And it broke my brain at the end. I rewatched that last week, and it still had a great impression on me.
Anyway, this is not going to be huge post with my usual blabbering (oh, I love to write, whether it makes sense or not), but just presenting what I watch, and if it's to your liking - you may try it as well.

   This is a bloody movie. Trivia found on
  • Based on adaptation from popular online comic in Korea.
  • Contains some nudity (nude scenes) and excessive violent.
 I guess it doesn't actually explain the whole amount of crude violence and nudity here (very specific nudity).

Synopsis after dramawiki: Cha Yeon Jin is a high school girl whose outwardly normal existence and reticent character masks her true identity: she is a professional assassin who is seeking vengeance for her mother after watching her killed in front of her eyes. She infiltrates SS1, the secret organization that her mother was connected to, by becoming one of their killers, all the while trying to track down her mother's murderer. 

 And this also doesn't depict much. In the first episode she's not the assassin, but... don't want to spoil the fun.
True, I started to watch this for Kim Roe Ha (with his The Princess' Man hair, keke), believing he'd be an ass-kicking bad guy, and... oh he's nuts. He quotes Bible imprinted in his distorted mind, and shoots to kids. 
I like Korean violent fights with fists or whatever is in person's reach. And I like how natural they all look here. I like how the main heroine, Cha Yeon Jin jumps and falls in a normal way. She's wearing school uniform during the first half of ep. 1, and when she jumps and falls, well, the short skirt doesn't cover her lingerie perfectly. Why am I mentioning this? Because this is how a woman in skirt would land, with skirt flying up her head. Usually, when they show ladies fighting, it is all graced by the heavenly wind who keeps skirts close to the body and never, ever allows it to go up. Oh well.

   Not sure if everyone is able to watch this, but it's worth it.