Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Princess' Man picspam

  I posted exactly the same picspam on D-A, but for those who don't venture there, something to kill off the anticipation. Actually, "to kill off" is a very, very adequate expression regarding this drama. Preview for ep 17 is out as well.
I adore Jo Seokju, the man is so composed and perceiving, I wonder who made him be on the boat to Kanghwa Island? He senses so much about Seungyu.
Will write more tomorrow, work and some other stuff keep me away. Well, they don't keep me sane as I thought they would.
Also, I learned about the history of two main couples here, and seriously have no idea which one of them is sadder. Maybe Kyeonghye, because Jong died... oops... major spoiler I made...

So the pics (click for enlarging the spazz):