Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Park Shihu interview

   First time I read that in June, but had no time enough to translate this. I may sound cocky, but I don't doubt my translating skills, but I do have some doubts about the actual writer's skills. The tone of it is somewhat hagiographical or infantile, depends on what glasses you have on. Nevertheless, this is nice just for the man's answers.
I don't mind taking this out and reposting, but please, this is a translation. I always leave credits to it, so bear in minds that translating takes time. Other than that, enjoy and re-publish wherever you want.
Oh, and I guess there will be more work for me, PSH is constantly praised for his improvements, so I guess more interviews for me to translate.
PS. and the man teased again, the title of this article above is: Seung-yu and Seryeong - perhaps a sad ending. As if we wasn't already prepared for that...

Here it is.

The student’s life of 33 years-old Park Shihu

            It was the end of late spring day in May; everything was covered with eye permeating greenery, wedding invitations and barely moving heavy air of ending weekend when sudden breeze came. It was the meeting with Park Shihu at student campus, and he shone like no other.
            This year, Park Shihu entered his 3rd year in Hanyang University and as “Late Student” of Theatre and Movie Department enjoys a student’s life. He carried along himself books, notepads and a lot of writing tools. “Be it during classes or my work as an actor, it’s equally busy”, said with humility. We followed one day in his “Late Student” life.
            He appeared by the eastern gates of Art department at Hanyang University. And although looking like a normal student, even from afar his “brightness” was radiating. From 1 pm till 4 pm he attended the lecture on Western Theatre History. After it ended, we started to walk around the open set, where we met first-year students practicing their skills. After being greeted as their seonbae (senior), he quickly joined them. He naturally helped them and talked along. “I’m the third-year student, but it’s nice to attend first-year required subjects. While shooting, it’s really hard to get acquainted with strangers, but attending the classes made it fairly easy and nice. The possibility to observe individual students is also a plus. It’s very helpful later while creating the characters. When we  secretly talked with younger students, they all said that Park Shihu is a diligent student who doesn’t skip his classes. He is even recognized as “perfect attendance” person at Hanyang.

            Park Shihu, admired by many people, was a little bit anxious about going back to University. “I came to Seoul because of acting and though I suspended my education, I thought finishing it was the most necessary thing. I had a strong passion for learning to act. This is why in the middle of shooting Queen of Reversals, I prepared for the entrance exams”. He attends classes four times per week. Starting from classes conducted by Choi Hyeong-in who trained ie. Sol Kyung-gu, Jang Dong-gun, Kim Taehee, there are also subjects like: practical performance training, history of Korean cinema, philosophy of culture, etc. Along with him some classes attend also Jeon Ilwu, but due to his shooting of the drama 49 Days, he had to put classes on halt. “As I have tight schedule, I can’t fully enjoy the campus life outside the classes. It would be great to just be able to play football with friends”. As he observed noisy students gathered nearby on stairs, he said:” It’s so nice to see couples holding hands. On the other hand, I’m a bit jealous, it’s been 5 years since my last relationship”.
            In May, Park Shihu was busy with preparations for a stage workshop at the University. Everything was supposed to be done by students only – production, roles, props, set, and he was responsible for planning and publicity. “As a group, we had fun putting the posters along Seoul University Road. I think this kind of experience (workshop, note: me) is a “nourishment” for young students”. Fans, who were invited to the open performance, came with the assistance in the form of food. Some time earlier, Chinese fans, moved by his example, on his birthday, donated 10 Mil. Won of scholarship to talented middle-schoolers in Yunnan Province. There are fans who took him as an example of an eager student, and this passion for learning is what Park Shihu found great. “Starting from the first week of June, the shooting of The Princess’ Man starts and this leaves me a bit worried about the courses. If it was modern drama, I could attend the classes during the breaks, but this is sageuk, which makes this impossible considering costumes, wigs etc.  I guess I will be doing what I’ve been doing up to this point – whenever I have time, I will attend the classes. Do I sound like “jugyeongyadok”? (주경야독: Lit.: At noon till, at night reading, what means: despite lack of time, despite hardship – do not stop to learn). Even though, in Summer it looks like it won’t change. When shooting ends, the next semester starts. Acting and learning… I will pursue those two rabbits!”

Interview: Kim Pyeohyan
Photo: Jeong Jaegun



Translated: © Ethlenn