Friday, September 02, 2011


   On days like this, writing is a tricky thing. I may end up bashing The Diva again, even though the original topic would be about roasted peanuts sold at some kiosk, and then deviated... hmm, see what I mean?
Instead I will fangirl over one drama. You may know which one. This time, not Idiot Dongsu, although I do love it. Main character included. Or maybe I could?
There are many talented kids, and Korea is brimming with them, me seems. As in every country there are wooden logs, of course, but sometimes kids just show their older partners their place. Everyone who watched Revenge of Gumiho was probably haunted by two girls and their stunning performances. Young Dongsu cutie, Ding-Dong (whatever the kid's name) in The Greatest Love, Channo in Thousand Kisses and now here in Princess' Man the little girl.
And I don't really like kids.

How unfair!
Not only great older actors (serious ones, not those who act as actors, ekhem), gripping stories and the way of shooting them, wonderful music etc. but also kids. Brilliant, natural, talented kids.

But first, some pics.

Oh honey, pulling the string without thumb ring is painful, trust me.


And seriously, how can anyone not love this cutie?

 Pictures credited as stated.