Thursday, September 29, 2011

Proof that idols

... can think actually. Omo, they are not in showbiz as long as The Diva, yet they know their place and they are not "I'm-Queen King-Of-The-Universe!!". With that attitude, I'm sold.

Welcome to my pedo kingdom.
And I just giggled seeing those pics, imagining me in 4 weeks time, elated with happiness^^
I feel young again, and I'm happy!
Their "Thanks To..."

I earned a lot of things through this official album. And thank you to those who gave the lacking us, more love than we deserve. We shall become an Infinite that goes forward step by step. Hwaiting everyone!!

After the album came out, I felt that music is really something that has no limit. I’m really thankful to those who continually loved Infinite’s music and let’s go together forever! Yeah peace! Yesterday is only today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream! Let’s do our best!
(*note: he always renders me speechless*)

Imagine and dream
Then the world will change to how you want it to be.

While promoting for our official album, I had thoughts like… have I finally become closer to my dream~! Since there’s still much left to go, we’ll work harder. Inspirit! Let’s go together till the end ^-^

The sweat I’m dripping now will become my business card 10 years later!!! There’s no sweat dripping yet, but only heat emitting from my body… Let’s work a bit harder. Hwaiting ♥~! 
(*note: boy might be some genius, the hell I know*)

Myeongsu (L):
Because there are Inspirits, there’s Infinite and because there’s Infinite, there are Inspirits. Infinite Infinite!! You’ll watch over us till the end, right? ^^

I felt many things while doing promotions this time ♥ Thank you to everyone who went through a lot of trouble up till now~! Lovable Inspirits~ ♥‿♥! I’ll become a Jjongie that improves more~ Maknae on top!

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