Friday, September 09, 2011


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   I was just reading some article on Spirit and spirits in Asia beliefs, and here came the quote I just have to write here:

Ether asked Infinite: "Do you know Dao?"
"I don't know", replied Infinite.
He asked No-action the same question and No-action replied: "I know Dao".
"So you know Tao. Can you specify?"
"Certainly. I know that Dao can be high, can be low, can be centered and can be dispersed. These are some of the specifications that I know"
Ether told No-beginning of No-action's words and asked:"Thus Infinite says he does not know and No-action says he knows. Who is right?"
"The one who thinks he does not know is profound, and the one who thinks he knows is shallow. The former deals with the inner reality, the latter with appearance".
Ether raised his head and sighted:"Then one who does not know really knows, and one who knows really does not know. Who knows this knowledge without knowing?"

See, even Daodejing is against The Diva.