Friday, September 16, 2011

Park Shihu Interview again

   Another interview, this time a lot more recent one, from September 5th. More detailed insight on his character. But I must say the man chooses his words carefuly. Not revealing too much, yet giving what should be given... (actually that was a very bad selection of words as for me...).
To ease our pain of waiting what will happen in the next episode.

Interview: Park Shihu, his thoughts on The Princess’ Man

            Gentle and warm Park Shihu transformed into a wild man, and this change can be expressed with his one glance only. In his recent Wed/Thu drama “The Princess’ Man”, he expresses various emotions of a stormy life.
            The audience grew concerned more and more about feelings for Kim Seung-yu, who pledged heroic revenge facing the cruel fate that made him fall in love with a daughter of an enemy who killed his father. On September 5th we met with Park Shihu whose versatile acting in this drama captivates from the first glance.
            He explained about the change in his character to the violent man: As I appeared in few other dramas, I’m familiar with “know-how”. I decided not to play Seung-yu’s character as if it was difficult, but pleasant rather.
            But because of the drama tight schedule, there are difficulties. On this very day, before the set was ready, he managed to caught a short nap around, wearing his drama clothes.
As the schedule of this drama is very tight, I barely sleep lately. There is a lot of scenes to shoot, and there is no possibility to take a break during that. Especially last week, the shooting requested Seung-yu’s 90% presence, so physically it was very exhausting. But because of the response of the fans, I’m OK.
About his partner in drama, Mun Chaewon he said with a smile: She’s perfect. I’m somewhat harsh to get into contact with. Lately, to become even more natural in expressing emotions, the grasping of her neck was done on purpose. Last week we shot the scene of Seryeong embracing Seung-yu, this time without suffocating.
            Thanks to his physical devotion to this drama, ratings went up over 20%. When we asked him of the reason for such skyrocketing ratings, he explained: The plot. Also he mentioned that it wouldn’t be possible without stellar veteran actors and their performances.
            So what about the enthusiastic fans? Hm, as we are locked in mountains everyday, I’m not really aware of this, he explained with a sunshine smile and added: I presume people love Seung-yu as the character. At first he was a brilliant young man that turned into this wild man, and it seems to me that this variety is what appeals to people the most.
            He appeared in another hit sageuk drama “Iljimae”. If sageuk is shot during humid and hot summer, it all seems as the journey to a beautiful place with occasional cool wind, which is nothing but good. He suggested that if the offer for another sageuk appears in the future, he’d have a ready consent to it.
            This drama may be summarized as the greatest love story, the Joseon version of “Romeo and Juliet”. If you look at this from this point here, it doesn’t look like a happy ending. But the ending is known only to the writer. It’s easier for me to immerse myself in the emotions not knowing the ending, so I didn’t ask on purpose. I think the writer lately ponders over the ending as well.

Interview: Kim Myeonwun
Translated by: © Ethlenn

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