Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Shith Hath Hiteth The Faneth

   First time I see agency so actively protecting its artist. Yes, I wrote artist. It's about JYJ. Looks like on DCGall (and trust me, this is one weird community) and other fora, mainly fansites, there were some trolls/haters/whatever posting insulting and untrue news. Some fans say that this is SMEnt doing, but I would be careful to throw the stones in this situation. How bad were those hateful comments? Oh, usual stuff, you know, JYJ involved in some shady money business, or Jaejung's younger sister being some CEO's mistress.
I do get the criticism, I bash Diva a lot, but I would never step as far as involving one's family into something as dirty as this. I bash her... him as the persona I see and I don't like it, as the artist-wannabe. If he says something stupid (according to my standards), I mock it as well, but hell, involving a family into this is just not right. Of course netizens are crying because of "suppression of freedom of speech". I have one answer to that and it ain't a pleasant one - netizens, go f*ck yourself, because after what happened to Tablo, I can't go easy on that anymore.
C-Jes message is below.
Considering the fact they release it now, I suppose some unpleasant messages must have been swept under the carpet in the past though.


First off, we'd like to thank you for your support and interest in JYJ's 1st Korean special album.

It has been 1 year since JYJ's new start with their world-wide album. From the emotional first step to now, the members of JYJ have achieved blinding success as world stars, touring globally through 10 cities and becoming ambassadors for UN-affiliated organizations, the government, and various corporations.

We believe that JYJ's fans have also shown a similar growth.

Every performance receives a high level of interest, and every day, there are beautiful fan donations being received.

The companies who currently have JYJ as endorsement models have been very surprised with the strong fan support and rice donations. The demand for JYJ's broadcast promotions through newspapers as well as bus and subway advertisements spotlighted JYJ's sophisticated fandom culture.

The three members of JYJ and we, their management — C-Jes Entertainment — always respect you, and offer our deepest gratitude.

Lately, however, people who claim to be 'fans' on fan community boards have been spreading rumors and attacking the members. Until now, we have been personally dealing with the incidents, but starting today, we are issuing an official warning from the management.

We do not consider anyone who defames any member of JYJ with false accusations and rumors as a 'fan', and will pursue a course of legal action.

We have secured evidence of these attacks, and if these posts do not get deleted or if these events keep occuring 1 week after this notice, we will release the evidence to the Cyber Terror Response Center.

These incidents have gone beyond the act of a twisted fan, and is now in the territory of crime.

We hope all the fans will understand and respect this announcement.

The three members of JYJ mean more to us than just people within our company, and we ask for your interest in future JYJ’s music and promotions.

Thank you.

C-Jes official site via allkpop