Sunday, September 25, 2011

Infinite Concept

   Yes, this is another Big Dipper post. Those who don't like it, please pass this one. Those who think of me as some less than human in the evolution chart because I listen and Gods-forbid! enjoy Kpop, go and stare at some wall.
Since last week we've been teased with their new concept photos, the teaser sound of Paradise was also leaked, and today we got the MV and song and... I love it. What a surprise, really. Tsk.

   First of all, Woolliment has seriously geniuses in terms of making the MVs. Epic High anybody? Their videos for Wannabe and High Technology are just... well, epic. And I will forever worship Tablo for handpicking some of those boys. BTD was so damn weird yet inspiring in some way, Come Back Again (Dance version) was just a masterpiece in contrasting the colors, Be Mine described some story, and now Paradise tells something as well.
On the music level? It's so retro I'm amazed Woollim is not afraid to pull this. Other groups maintain their upbeat, "catchy" songs, yet Infinite has now their own style, a bit old-school, charming at the same time.
As I wrote it someplace else - "catchy" songs are nice - on a short route. Catchy song is catchy because of the beat. If the song doesn't rely on the beat but on a music or vocals - it's labelled as "meh". I do like BTD, it's catchy, it has a huge beat, true, but somehow Can U Smile is much, much better (especially live) in my opinion. And Wuhyeon's soft, emotional solo song Timeless from the latest album discloses his dormant still, but a great talent.
And Paradise has stunning high vocal unisono in the refrain (BeeGees?), and some weird rhytmic section. Plus, damn boys sing good. Waiting for this in live version. Woollim, please don't ever change that path, pretty please. It's good to hear/see something as fresh as this.
So, do I regret waiting 4-6 weeks until my album arrives? Absolutely no.

   There are theories explaining the MV (well, the lyrics are sad, so...), and someone on Woollim official YT channel said that it says that boys are dead, and the train symbolizes their journey to the otherworld (Paradise, are we the optimist?). Girl is still unable to let go. That makes sense, but in my perverted mind it all can be summed as - harem! Infinietely flawless harem! So I think they represent ONE person that died. Especially that Myeongsu is a beginning and a closure for the MV.

Pictures (as they appeared on Infinite tumblr:

Can I haz them plis?