Thursday, September 01, 2011

2011 Seoul International Drama Awards

   Uhmm, not that I have anything against... Actually no, scratch that. I have a lot against some choices. But still, the fact it's POPULARITY that was taken under the consideration, I have no other choice but scream my lungs out in a fury. This proves the blind loyalty of fan(girls) for whom not the quality but the fanservice is all that counts. "Hallyu Drama Top Excellence" award went to Mary Should Stayed In Hell And Never Appear Again. And to all reading this blog, or just knowing me from other places, it is no surprise I am not pleased. More, I'm furious. MMM is a plain Crap, with capital, golden, bling-bling, horrendous C!! In mediocre dramas there is always something that is worth small praising, usually. Be it 8th-plan actor, table cloth or nice motorbike in remote scenery. In this drama, there was nothing. It was so bad it gave "sh*t" a new meaning. Now, if you are looking for a metaphor or artistic comparison, you may say: "as bad as MMM".

    Acting was horrible, and The Diva's part limited to bending his 20$ S-line and licking hand/ice-cream lids. Music was a disaster, plot-line was non-existent, logic was abandoned before shooting.
And such drama won in this category.
I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

Still, Yucheon and SKKS hold the guards. Yes, I'm biased, so what? I dropped Secret Garden and this drama is so overhyped. There were at least 5 dramas better than it in 2010. My bitter opinion though.

+ International Category +
> Best Picture Awards:
Grand Prize (Daesang): ‘Three Kingdoms’ (China)
Top Excellence (Feature): ‘In the Name of Honour’ (Romania)
Excellence (Feature): ‘Passione’ (Brazil)
Top Excellence (Miniseries): ‘Luther’ (England)
Excellence (Miniseries): ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ (Germany)
Top Excellence (Short): ‘Shades of Happiness’ (Germany)
Excellence (Short): ‘When Harvey Met Bob’ (Ireland)
Special: ‘Eagle Four’ (Afghanistan), ‘The Amazing Extraordinary Friends 5′ (New Zealand)
Invitational: ‘The Walking Dead’ (USA)

> Personal Awards:
Best Director: Miguel Alexandre, ‘Shades of Happiness’ (Germany)
Best Writer: Albert Espinosa, ‘The Red Band Society’ (Spain)
Best Actor: Jianbin Chen, ‘Three Kingdoms’ (China)
Best Actress: Na Moon Hee, ‘It’s Me, Grandma’ (Korea)
Asia Popularity: Park Yoochun (Korea), Xiaotong Yu (China), Ryunosuke Kamiki (Japan), Man Shu Jian (Taiwan), Charmaine Sheh (Hong Kong)

Domestic Category
> Best Picture Awards:
Hallyu Drama Top Excellence: ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’
Hallyu Drama Excellence: ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’

> Personal Awards:
Best Hallyu Drama Director: Shin Woo Chul, ‘Secret Garden’
Best Hallyu Drama Writer: Kim Eun Sook, ‘Secret Garden’
Best Hallyu Drama Actor: Park Yoochun, ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’
Best Hallyu Drama Actress: Moon Geun Young, ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’
Best Hallyu Drama Soundtrack: Baek Ji Young, ‘Secret Garden’ OST – “That Woman”

Some sunshine is walking into your direction^^