Tuesday, September 27, 2011


   Yes, I will write that publicly - FileFactory is a bunch of non-professionals. I stored there my files, because they promised to "keep your files for-eva" (say that with Latrine's accent and you'll get my point). Well, apparently "forever" means to them - until we make a change and won't inform you about that. All my files are lost now, and some of them were for my students. And some of them were Namgil-nim. So yes, I'm so pissed off nothing actually can pacify me right now. Very professional. Now their policy is - 90 days. So no, thank you, I think I'll switch to megaupload for saving me files. So if you find any link on this blog that is broken - don't blame me.
Anyway, two cuts today from weekend shows.

   One is from I Love Movies: Interview with Jeong Jaeyoung and Jeon Doyeon, and the second one is from Entertainment Weekly - The Princess' Man report.
Too much that my heart could handle on Sunday.

 And The Princess' Man: