Thursday, September 01, 2011

Infinite's Dongwoo dubbed the "manner-dol"

A video was uploaded to an online community earlier today, showing Infinite member Dongwoo cleaning up after recordings. The video was recorded from the MBC's "Idol Sports Competition" that took place at the Jamsil Stadium on August 27th.

Dongwoo, who had been participating in the competition with his fellow group members, was shown to be picking up trash that had been thrown away on the grass.

Netizens seeing this video couldn't keep themselves from complimenting the idol and calling him the "manner-dol,", when noticing Dongwoo even carried around the trash in his clothes to make sure nothing was left behind.

Netizens showed reactions like, "Even though it’s something that should go without saying, I end up complimenting him. This is because there’s no one that actually does something that goes without saying, like this," "Succeed Infinite," "He’s kind. I’m not even a fan but I feel proud."

In the meantime Infinite is promoting their newest release "Over The Top" through its title track "Be Mine," and finally got their first ever win on today's episode of M! Countdown.

Source: enews24 and InfiniteUpdates