Sunday, July 04, 2010

내가 미쳤다고...

Yes, yes, I'm crazy... Because cutting out 40 seconds of the footage I've seen over 50 times makes me one hell of a crazy person. But, I also cut I Love Movies with the fragment of Iggi. That is why I don't really care if I'm crazy or not. I can be seen as one for all I care. Right now, right here, I'm myself, no one else. Not some nice lady on the bus (crap, I'm not a lady at all), not a normal teacher (I bet my students have their own opinions on that matter).
Plus, tomorrow I will present the review of Lovers Vanished. I hope, at least, but for that I have to watch the movie again. Since it's a bit heavy, and I finished my wine leftovers, I would vote for Queen Seon Duk re-watch. Which episode I stopped at? Hmm... 25th? I guess so...

And Iggi interview and fragments (watch or download, I don't care, just don't hotlink):