Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Overseas fans

 Apparently, not us.
I have to do it, I have to state my opinion on it, because I'm in a really b*tchy mood today. Who can guess whose fault is this? (hint 1: it starts with S and ends with S, that spells SS... No? Still nothing? OK, hint 2: between SS there is only one letter left^^).
I read on KBS global that Korean stars are neglecting their Korean fans in favor of overseas fans.
Definition of overseas: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines. Good.
I have no idea why actually this topic been brought to the attention when the author (not mentioned) is focused only on Asian fans. It's a domestic market anyway.
Because from my point of view it looks slightly different.
"A person in the entertainment business said, “Overseas activities usually are so-called money-making opportunities, more so than here in Korea. More than that, to keep their popularity overseas, they have to have more chances to see their fans in foreign countries, so they cannot help focusing on overseas activities.”"
 I understand the Korean point of view, I mean the Korean fans. They want to see their idols and they can't. What a pity. Sorry, but if you are alert enough or have incredible luck, you can bump ito someone while buying a toothpaste in a drugstore. Plus, netizens are a bunch of frustrated, mad, stupid people who, hidden behind their screens, write hideous messages on the websites and troll everywhere where they can. So no wonder that Korean fans are seen as less dependable as those foreign ones, who just are happy to see their idols from afar.
Example? Sure, I was told that during Beethoven Virus days, Keunsuk was called an unattractive, fat, ugly guy. Because he looked... omo, like a guy! Korean fans demand from their idols to be photoshop-beautiful, plastic beautiful. If one can't do it, they eat him alive. Naturally, some other countries are not that obsessed with outside beauty and show true support.
Enough on it. Still, this is Asia.
I'm disgusted with Keunsuk now. I really am.
But what's more infuriates me that WE are being neglected. We, fans from other parts of the world than Asia. Are we supposed to do not have a word on the entertainment world? We are treated like we don't exist. Our opinions do not exist. So, sorry, our money does not exist as well?
   I'm sorry I have to disappoint you all, agencies and broadcast companies, but we DO exist. And we want to have a say in it. We have our opinions. World now became one house with lots of rooms, but still, connected and being a one entity. Why we do not have rights to state our opinions? Why we are not the target of Korean/Asian entertainment? Why we have to download our dramas instead of watching them? Why are you making everything harder for us?
  Korean and Asian fans have the first say in their idols behavior, looks and entourage. It looks like only they are important. Our opinions can be dismissed easily: "well those Westerners fans" (yes, I saw that statements few times) which indicates we are somewhat lesser than mighty Asian opinion. This short statement shows both idols and flocks of their followers are unaware of the world. If so, don't even try to make an international star out of someone because you will fail. You will fail because of misunderstandings.
What does it mean that we are Westerners? Does that mean we have no taste? Does that mean we have no right to state our opinions? Does that mean we can be overlooked? Ignored?
I don't like to be ignored, not in the case that I'm involved with. When I decided to immerse myself in Asian entertainment, I was at that time no longer any hormonally unstable teenager. I wasn't someone who saw the first Asian man and started to squirm. No, I spent half of my life with Asian culture, so don't put any sh*t on my like I don't know the countries and their cultures I speak about. I do.
And I used the word "decided", yes, because it wasn't an emotional turn. It was just a decision. Being fed up with Hollywod crap, overintellectualized European crappy movies, I decided to follow Asian entertainment. Not movies, because I've been watching Asian movies ever since, even before my love for Korean language started.
   That is why I'm so p*ssed off. Because there is a big halo around Hallyu stars neglecting their Korean fans, and no one touched the topic of outside-Asia fans. Dammit, we exist, and we are not dumb.
We want to be a part of it. We are a part of it, and therefore I can't put up with all the idiocy I see in fear of being called Westerner and bias
I will bash what needs to be bashed and I will praise what deserves to be praised.

Some may say that I'm throwing a tantrum because of nothing. Sure, for someone it can be a trifle matter. Not for me, not for my fellow friends from D-Addicts who have to put up with all the dumbness out there. We are supportive, but are no flock of sheep. We have our own opinions. We have brains and we know how to use them.
And we are b*tches from the deepest hell. Don't ever cross our path if you are a fangirl.