Sunday, July 11, 2010

Korean: learning

Maybe this will help, if not the videos, so maybe normal way. I don't like flashcards in the form of a program, I hate it, because I get distracted sometimes. But I usually make myself some, or print if I find ones. Those I'm going to post here I found some months ago, but I forgot about them.

Korean Expressions - with you, A* in mind, you may find this helpful^^
Korean Dialogs

Portable Korean-English, English-Korean Dictionary, runs from the folder, no installation required.
Korean Dictionary

And Vocabulary Cards:
Vocabulary 01
Vocabulary 02
Vocabulary 03
Vocabulary 04
Vocabulary 05
Vocabulary 06
Vocabulary 07
Vocabulary 08
Vocabulary 09
Vocabulary 10
Vocabulary 11
Vocabulary 12
Vocabulary 13
Vocabulary 14
Vocabulary 15