Monday, July 12, 2010

세계와 나 W: The World And I

   Maybe I will start like this. Fifty years back, Korea was one of those countries who got a lot of help from the others. Now, the table has turned, and it is Korea that helps a lot. Not only by financing, but also by building the infrastructure of undeveloped countries and regions. Korean medical stuff visits remote corners of the world with help. And some of known people take an active role in participating in helping programs. I mean, recording a song for a cause is nice, but for those in need building a house, school, orphanage is even better. This is the main difference about those I like and those I admire.
The show I'm talking about is 세계와 나 W. I watched today an episode from July 2nd. To my surprise, I saw Kim Namgil-nim in it. He appears on behalf of the organisations fighting the sexual abuse and poverty. He doesn't just talk. He doesn't record a song (he could, granted, he's not a professional singer, but his voice is nice, plus he sings really good), but he takes a hammer and props up a wall. This is the actor I want to follow his career the way I have been doing for all this time. This is the person I want to look up to.
The episode from last week was horrible. I thought not so much in this world can shock me. But when a guy in London has a hideout and says he can offer a 12, 13-years old kid as a prostitute... When little girls are circumcised just because they are girls and it is forbidden for them to have any pleasure from sex, when a young beautiful girl is poured with acid by her family... I have no words. I highly recommend this program, but it deals with really heavy stuff.
First, screenshots from 2010-01-29

And episode from 2010-07-02:

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