Saturday, July 03, 2010

Manhwa: first try

   It's called "World's Mysteries" (세계의 미스터리). Right now, I have 13 volumes, but uploading the first one, all of them. If you like it, I can give the rest. But it's not original, only translated. I'm on my way to look for Coffee Prince. And two others KNG has mentioned once. But I lost that interview, dammit!
Damn, Im clueless about this. I read Goong once (in English), but it was sooo damn boring, and deviated from drama so much I hated it.
If you want something, maybe I can find. I'm good at finding things, I should be a detective or some dog at the airport.
Please, Mr. KNG, can you be lost in the future?
My brain's not working anymore...